Constipation: How to Get Your Bowels Moving!

Jul 11, 2017 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition


I have been talking a lot about poo recently (haha let’s get real, I talk about it ALL the time!).


After last week’s post,  I got various emails from people who were struggling with constipation and I have just finished working with a few one to one clients in my private program who were targeting this specific thing.


So let’s look at some of the quick and dirty things (pun intended) and the natural remedies you can do to get those bowels  MOVING.


We will shape this around a bit of a client case study, with self-employed beauty therapist Sarah. Who came to me like this:


Since I was a child I always suffered with going to the toilet for a poo. I could go two weeks without going. I’m constantly in pain with my stomach, I can get very hot and sweaty to the point where I nearly pass out. I’ve been back and forth to the doctor’s only to be given laxatives which had never worked.


Not fun. And having healthy bowels is SO important for overall health. Sarah was also super tired, lethargic and felt BLAH. No surprising as her body was reabsorbing the waste and toxins it was trying to get rid of!


I have also had clients who have had bad acne or other skin issues, depression, mood issues, excessive bloating, imbalanced hormones and so much more, all linked to there less than frequent poo habits.


What’s the deal with poop?

Surprisingly, the NHS still count pooping at least 3 times a week as ‘normal’ but I can’t get behind that recommendation at all. From a functional medicine or nutritional therapy point of view, I am looking for on daily bowels movement.


Yep, daily – ideally more than once. 


With Sarah and other clients, this is one of the FIRST things we look at as this is an essential part of our detoxification process.



Quick Dirty Tips for Constipation 😉

So what do you do? Can you really change it around that quickly even after years of struggle? 


Well here is what Sarah said :

I’m totally blown away that I now can go to the toilet every day which I thought was impossible. No more stomach pain and my bloating as gone….


So how did she do it? Here are a few of the natural remedies and strategies we put in place (I can’t outline the ENTIRE protocol as I every person is unique so some element were unique to her body, hormones, microbiome etc)


1. Remove food that your body doesn’t like – whether is sugar, dairy gluten or onions or peas – food intolerances will not be helping your bowels get going (or they will be making you go WAAAAAAY too much!





2. Eat Sauerkraut – fibrous and full of probiotics and I show you how to make it here. Lack of probiotics are now seen as one of the key reasons for constipation, so flooding your gut with probiotics is a must for anyone suffering from constipation. (Find out more here). 


3. Magnesium –  a brilliant mineral that most of us tend to be deficient in due to modern farming methods and chemicals found in water. It help to relax muscles – brilliant for allowing the intestine to relax and let chyme pass through. It also attracts water to the gut which is needed to help flush everything out.

See here for the study done to show the relationship between constipation and low magnesium intake.

(Get some here)


4. Stay hydrated by with the food you eat – I know we think of water but hydration actually mainly comes from our food. So think VEGGIES!

This study shows that constipation is linked to a lack of fluid intake from food not drinks. Foods that are high in water content are VEGETABLES. Try to eat meals that are made up of 50% vegetables and get into the habit of eating a salad, soup, vegetable juice, green smoothies every single day.


And if you want that one to one VIP support, whether to help with healthy pooping or happy hormones then make sure you click below to book your 30 min chat with me to find out if working with me would be a good fit for you 😉




Sarah’s one to one experience:

I loved the Skype sessions as it gave me the chance to ask questions and fully understand everything that I needed to do. Kezia is full of lots knowledge and so understanding, you can tell she really cares about you. 

The only thing I worried about was the amount it cost just in case it never worked but now I’m at the end of my coaching it was money well spent.

Overall – best thing I’ve ever done!!






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