No Bake Millionaire Shortbread – Paleo & Grain Free

Mar 23, 2015 | GAPS, Nutrition, Recipes, Snacks + Treats

millionaire shortbread


These are the love child of a ‘grain-free, refined sugar-free, health geek mum’ and a  ‘I love cake and caramel’ dad. 


Based on millionaire shortbread which I remember eating a lot of at school for some reason – no wonder I was 2 stone overweight at school…..


I made these for Mother’s Day the other week and they were super tasty. This No Bake Millionaire Shortbread – (Paleo & Grain-Free) doesn’t involve any baking or faffing, just a food processor and the desire to eat cake which is always abundant in this house.




These are simple, gluten, grain and can be, dairy free and taste super decadent but are much kinder to the body than there the white sugar filled counter parts. Jam packed with good fats and these are super rich and filling so you won’t be able to chow your way through many of these – in fact I dare you too!!!


If you are shocked by the amount of organic butter or coconut oil then read why I love butter here and why I love all things coconuts here. And bear in mind these are much healthier than the standard treats out there but they are still indulgences. 


So enjoy these and know even if you are focusing on healing your gut through diets like GAPS, SCD or paleo then you can enjoy these and if you are just wanting to get healthier than these are a wonderfully natural treat option. I am obsessed with them and cut them into mini slices so I can have tiny hits of them regularly. 


Thankfully you CAN be healthy and still eat cake – it just takes some know how. So make sure you sign up for my free Ulitmate eGuide to Natural Sweeteners by clicking the box below to get 5 more recipes for healthier happier cake!




Millionaire Caramel Shortbread

Kezia Hall
A delicious healthy, gluten free, grain free version of chocolate caramel squares!
Servings 8


  • 100 g pecan/almons
  • 50 linseeds
  • 50 g creamed coconut
  • 6 medjool dates
  • 125 g butter or coconut oil melted
  • 4 tbsp raw honey
  • Pinch salt
  • 5 tbsp cocoa
  • 125 ml coconut oil roughly 5 tbsp scoops
  • salt
  • 2 tbsp raw honey


  • In the food processor blend all the base layer ingredients until they are fine and starting to stick. Press into a small grease proof paper lined dish and put in fridge.
  • Meanwhile mix all the caramel layer ingredient together in a food processor until a thick but still runny sauce is formed.
  • Take base layer out of the fridge and pour caramel layer on top and place in fridge again.
  • Allow to set for an hour.
  • Then mix the chocolate topping ingredients together until smooth. Then take the chilled dish with the two layers in out of the fridge and pour the chocolate over, stirring and pouring as you go. Use the greaseproof paper as a 'guard/'boundary' to stop the chocolate running every where.
  • Put in fridge until set, apron 30mins. Slice and serve!


If you don't have a large enough dish the fold the greaseproof paper up and set it in place with a mug of glass to stop it from flapping down.

What is your favourite treat options? How do you define a treat or indulgence?









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  1. I have family that are deathly allergic to all types of nuts. Is there anything I can substitute for the nuts? Thanks!

    • Sunflower seed ground up might work, or just using all ground linseeds? I have not tried it but imagine it would work well:)

  2. Wow!!! That looks amazing. I will have to make some adjustments since I am following the scd diet and cocoa and linseeds are not allowed…

    • Oh yes I did GAPS for ages and still sort of do and it took a while before i could reintroduce cocoa – keep on going with it though – the results are SO worth it!

  3. No jokes I literally went to my kitchen IMMEDIATELY to make this – I had some creamed coconut in the fridge I couldn’t decide what to do with – I took this as a sign! Setting as I type ;D I did switch out the linseeds for extra nuts and some chia seeds, but I’m pretty sure this will be amazing!

    • Yas I like the spirit and yes it was a sign from god that millionaire shortbread needed to be eaten immediately!!


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