My BIG Birthday Sale

My Big Birthday Sale




BIRTHDAY SALE – What’s the deal?

1. Join Nourish & Work with me for 4 months. For transformation, healing and personalised support. (Only 3 spaces available – scroll down to find out more.)

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Does this sound like you?

You had great plans for 2019! Plans to sort our your sugar addiction, bloated belly, expanded waistline, and hormones….but you feel like you’ve failed.

You’re fed up with feeling sluggish, bloated and TIRED.

You wake up feeling unrefreshed and feel unhappy getting dressed as you don’t feel good in your clothes anymore. Coffee, tea or sugar is the only way to get you awake and the rest of the day feels like a blur of business and eating the wrong foods.

You start every year and every Monday with good intentions but can’t seem to make any progress, no matter how many recipe books or supplements you buy. You’ve tried dieting clubs but given up on them as you want to find a healthier approach.

You’re addicted to sugar but it seems impossible to ditch and you seem to have a bloated bulging belly most of the time.

But it’s not just the bloating and feeling like a walking zombie – you feel your hormones are off with painful or problematic periods, your weight isn’t healthy and you’re constantly ‘on or off’ some strict eating regime. You’re stuck in a cycle of dieting and binging, obsessing over calories/points/syns/macros and you beat yourself up.

And deep down you wonder if maybe you are just meant to be tired, bloated, sluggish and overweight. Maybe you’ll never have a normal or healthy relationship with food. You feel like you’re to blame – like somehow you’ve failed, you’ve not done enough, tried hard enough or found the ‘magic fix’ to end all your dieting woes. But you see how your tiredness, bloating and weird relationship with food is impacting your life, your family, your work and your social life – and it’s making you miserable.


Well, once a year I run a BIG Birthday sale so that you can make lasting changes in your belly/body/health AND save some money!


Save over £100 and secure your Early Bird Space in my Nourish Group Program starting Feb 2020!



Cos just take a minute and imagine waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Your energy lasted all day which meant you could get on with all the things you’re passionate about. Getting dressed is a JOY because clothes fit comfortably and you feel confident to shop for new jeans or summer dresses (or fit into old ones)  because you feel so good in your skin.

Your belly feels GOOD after you eat and is flatter – you are actually digesting food with no issues or drama. You know EXACTLY what to eat to feel good. You said goodbye to diets, magic teas or supplement pills ages ago – you know exactly what your body needs so there is no need to follow the fads.

Your skin, hair, and nails have all improved and your periods are regular and healthy. You feel energised and don’t need shots of caffeine. You even enjoy chocolate and cake without feeling the need to binge or overeat.

Plus you now have time to spare as you’re not spending hours googling your health – you have a clear PERSONALISED plan created just for you and by a trained professional. You feel supported, accountable to a group of like-minded women knowing there is a place to ask your questions. 

In fact, your relationship with food and your body feels good – balanced and normal. You eat mindfully and intuitively. Sure your digestion is better, you’re less bloated and feeling energised – but you also feel at peace with your plate and your wobbly bits. You feel lighter and happier – and it shows! Your family, friends, and partner all notice how much healthier and happy you are…and it feels awesome.


Cos does this sound familiar?

  • You’re fed up with feeling tired and bloated every single day but have no idea what will help.
  • You have no idea what to eat to help your energy, belly and hormones.
  • You are overwhelmed by all the information and know you need some accountability to keep you focused
  • You are sick of your ongoing digestive issues – they make you anxious and you feel limited in what you can eat.
  • Weight has crept on but you desperately don’t want to diet or get sucked into that toxic way of thinking – but you DO want to feel lighter and brighter.



What is Nourish?

Nourish is a 4-month group coaching program with private support for women just like you who want to get their energy and belly back.

And in practical terms, over 4 months you work privately with Kezia to create your unique nutritional and lifestyle action plan but also get the 24/7 support and accountability of a small online community led by me.  

It includes:

  • An online community group for 4 months – for daily support, friendship and expertise – so that you don’t have to go it alone!!
  • Access to a holistic nutritionist (that’s me FYI) so that you can get step by step help to ensure you get the results you want.
  • A Holistic Health Consultation – this is a private 90min consultation with Kezia where you create your unique plan of action so that you accelerate your results.
  • Recipe eBook so you never get bored or feel deprived.
  • Monthly Group Coaching – to keep each other accountable and to get ongoing support so that you don’t go off the rails and give up!
  • And lots more – recipes, meal plans, ebook – everything you need to thrive!

All of this is done in a SMALL group. I take on a maximum of 10 women so that you get the one to one support you need through the 4 months!



I am offering just 4 early bird spaces with savings of over £100!

You get 4 months of personalised support, consultation with me and 24/7 accountability, recipes, and accountability for just:

£500  £398

Click here or the button to save your space


Only 4 spaces available, first come first serve.


Dates of next round:

Friday 7th February – 5th June 2020 





How it Works

>> Week 0 – Setting Yourself Up for Success

Once you’ve signed up you will be sent the welcome pack and you will be asked to fill in an online questionnaire before our session to jumpstart the process and get you seeing results as fast as possible. I also send you an ebook that introduces you to a holistic way of healing and nourishing your body.


>> February – The RESET

For the first 4 weeks we will all go through a 4-week program I created that will help you hit the reset button, ditch the sugar addiction and kickstart your energy. We all do this together so that we can make the most of our consultation as this program will provide all the basics. Most people have seen noticeable improvements in their energy, weight loss and bloating just after these 4 weeks!


>> March – Your Personalised Plan

This month we meet online for our private consultation so that you have a plan of action for how to enjoy and thrive through the festive season but ALSO know exactly what to do in the New Year.

Your nutrition and lifestyle plan that is tailored specifically for you – no cookie-cutter formulas! I do my research and dive DEEP into your symptoms, health issues, medications, and history. I do the hard work and the research so you can focus on getting well and living your life. It will outline all the action steps and contains links, recipe, supplement protocols, meal plans and recommended lab tests so that you can save time and start feeling better immediately.

(Please note private laboratory testing are an additional cost and prices vary from £30- £335) depending on the test. These are entirely optional.)


>>  April  – Cleanse & Revive  

This is where you will implement your unique and personal ‘Cleanse Plan’ which we will create during your consultation. We will all be doing this together so you will feel supported, but the plan itself will be unique to you and realistic (AKA no juice cleanses!).


>>> May – Boosting you Energy & Balancing Your Hormones

This is where we focus on energy and hormonal health so that you keep making progress!


>> Weekly Accountability and Monthly Resources

Throughout the 4 months, you will be sent meal plans, recipes and take part in monthly group coaching so that you stay on track, motivated and inspired to keep taking action.

No more getting stuck or going it alone!!!






A sample of posts that pop up from people who’ve been in Nourish 






real life feedback from our coaching group by Lyn







As a result of being in the Nourish you could:

  • Increase your energy and wake up feeling refreshed and excited about the day!
  • Have total peace of mind as you work with a trained professional one on one and within a group setting for added support.
  • Ditch the dinner time overwhelm, know exactly what to eat each day. 
  • Reduce the bloating and know what to eat to feel GOOD.
  • Notice happier hormones and periods, normal bowel movements, less sugar cravings, and looser clothes
  • Ditch the dieting mindset and truly learn how to use food to nourish and heal your body without the guilt
  • feel confident that you’re not only eating well to feel good now but also know you’re taking action to prevent future disease
  • Ditch the bloating and embarrassing symptoms for good.
  • Feel confident to work with your Dr’s around your health issues and feel like you have a ‘team’ of people working with you to reach your goals.