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Missed the Beat the Bloat Training?

No worries you have until Monday at midnight to watch the REPLAY and to join Nourish too!

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X3 Month Membership (June – Sept) including:

  • 3 months of meal plans, shopping list, recipes, weekly masterclasses, accountability, Q&A
  • BONUS – a bonus private consultation with Kezia (worth £175+ on it own)
  • BONUS – The Sweet Treat Collection Recipe eBook


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What Members Say/Post:





Cos what if…

  • You felt confident and strong and a little kick ass in your body
  • You effortlessly stayed at your body’s happy weight
  • Meal times became fun, delicious and easy – no more overwhelm or stress
  • You knew you were eating in a way that could help prevent future disease and enable you to live your best life
  • You woke up energised and put on some awesome clothes that made you feel GOOD.
  • Bloating disappeared and that you could poop like a champ and have happy balanced hormones
  • You could lose weight without eating less and exercising more
  • It could all be FUN…..and normal…..and involve cake!


Well lovely – all of this is available for you when you join me in my online community & membership – Nourish!






Who the heck am I?

So I am Kezia (pronounced kez–eee-a) Hall and I want to be your cake eating, health-loving cheerleader.

Before you think I am some insane internet scammer – here’s the deal. I used to be sad, sick, and stuck on the loo, with about 2 stone extra weight hanging around. I had multiple ‘random’ health issues (depression, IBS, constant diahorria, thrush etc etc) that I was just told to live with. But I knew I wanted more. I wanted to feel awesome, to travel, to pursue my dream but with my confidence down the toilet (literally – 8 years of chronic daily diarrhea does that to you) so I decided to take my health and healing into my own hands.

As a holistic nutritionist, with a special interest in functional medicine I use evidence-based and holistic strategies to help my clients get thier energy and belly back whilst enjoying real, tasty, whole foods. I focus on helping women beat the bloat, balance their hormones, have limitless energy and ditch the emotional eating.

Professional qualifications you ask? Post Graduate Diploma in Nutritional Science & Practice and BANT (British Assication of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine) member. AKA full on health geek.


What is Nourish?

Nourish is group coaching community and membership of women just like you who want to live their best, healthiest lives, at their happy weight.

And in practical terms, it’s a 24/7 community led by me where I provide monthly and seasonal resources to help you see results. Where I become your online health coach, meal planner, recipes maker and the guardian over your health.



It includes:

  • An online community group – for daily support, friendship and expertise – you don’t have to go it alone!!
  • Access to a holistic nutritionist (that’s me FYI) via the Facebook group where I will guide you through step by step on how to get the results you want. (There will also be visiting specialist guest too!)
  • x2 brand new 7-day meal plan every month PLUS a library filled with existing meal plans (ohhhh hello time saver!)
  • Shopping lists to accompany the meal plans to save you oodles of time and overwhelm!
  • A *Brand New* Seasonal Recipe eBook every 3 months!!! With brand new gluten and sugar and faff-free recipes so you never get bored or feel deprived.
  • Monthly Masterclasses – to get laser focused on issues that impact you
  • The Flourish eBook – your complete handbook to creating a healed and healthy life
  • Weekly Q&A with yours truly
  • Online Members Site – the place that has all the resources you need to feel fabulous, save time and eat awesome food!
  • Allergy/inflammation friendly recipes – the recipes are always gluten and sugar-free with grain and dairy free option too (I am the queen of tasty free from food!)



A sample of posts that pop up in the coaching group ALL the time!






Who is it for?

>>>>> It’s for women who love food, like to cook (although also love to NOT cook all the time!) but want to eat in a healing, NORMAL, and nourishing way.

>>>>> Women with ‘belly‘ troubles – bloating, weight gain or toilet drama Nourish will sort you right out ?

>>>>>The yo-yo dieters! You keep getting sucked into plans and programs instead of figuring out what works for you.

>>>>>> Women who know their hormones are a bit of a mess and are no longer willing to tolerate feeling CRAP!



Just imagine feeling GOOD about your daily food choices.

No more ‘noise’ or guilt – just effortless healthy eating.

Eating whole foods, with no counting, tracking or deprivation.

With a happier flatter belly without the sit-ups  and more importantly
feeling energised, healthy and strong!




The Investment into Your Health

There are 3 payment options for you to join Nourish – so you can pick which suits you best.
(FYI – The 3 month or 6 month membership provides the BIGGEST SAVINGS)


+ Monthly Membership – £35 per month

  • Cancel any time & super flexible
  • *BONUS* – access to the Flourish Academy – 4-week eCourse starting 8th March  (worth £147) 
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+ 3-Month Membership – £30 per month 

  • *BONUS* – access to the Flourish Academy – 4-week eCourse starting 8th March  (worth £147) 
  • *BONUS* – The Sweet Treat Collection Recipe eBook
  • Save over 10% 
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+ 6-Month Membership – £25 a month

  • A 6-month commitment ensure you see some MEGA results!
  • *BONUS* – access to the Flourish Academy – 4-week eCourse starting 8th March  (worth £147) 
  • *BONUS* – The Sweet Treat Collection Recipe eBook
    >>> SIGN UP HERE


5-Day Money Back Guarantee after the initial purchase – so with zero risk. 
You can cancel your membership at any time prior to renewal.



Feeling comfortable & FREE in your own skin is the best feeling ever and it is 100% possible!




I KNOW I can help you:

>> love your body more
>> ditch the bloat
>> ditch the crazy food and sugar cravings
>> lose weight (if needed) in 6 weeks,
>> have daily, happy, bowel movements
>> ditch the daily bloat
…..and eat cake or chocolate on regular basis with ZERO guilt.


I become your pocket health coach & cheerleader – taking you one step at a time into the health you have always dreamed of ?




real life feedback from our coaching group by Lyn



And you know,  that sore belly or crappy energy is NOT just going to fix itself. Health is not going to just come and hit you across the face like a wet fish.

Sure you could go it alone, be overwhelmed, get nowhere and still look 6 months pregnant every evening when you’re clearly not…


You can join my revolution of cake eating rebels who see results and have fun in the process.






A snapshot of some of the recipes…





• are looking to get skinny at any cost

• who use their oven to store shoes…

• want to focus SOLEY on weight loss, calories and numbers…..urgh!!!!

• have severe health issues going on.

• who don’t own a computer, tablet or smartphone – this is an online club – some basic computer skills are required.














I have done loads of diets/club before none of them have worked or lasted – why is this different?

I would suggest that other diets haven’t worked or lasted for you because they have never focused on creating a healthy LIFE and gotten to the root of your unhealthy lifestyle.

This isn’t a 2-week program or short-term diet this is about coaching and guiding you to taking small steps to create a healthy LIFE!


Will I have to eat weird food?

No, clients often comment to me that the meal plans include things like chips, sausages, and egg and want to know if I have made a mistake!

The recipes focus on whole real food with zero gluten or refined sugar but no wheatgrass growing required ?


Will I lose weight?

If your body needs to lose weight in order to be healthy, and you implement the all that we talk about in the clubhouse then you will lose weight for shizzle. But I warn you Nourish will help your body finds its own ideal weight and that might be different to what your idea of the ‘perfect weight is’! This is about getting your body HEALTHY not super boney.

On average people lose 6-10lbs in the first 6 weeks and more over time IF they need to ?


Is there not a magic pill I can have instead? 

Sorry love but no. Getting healthy is not always easy but the journey and the process, when done properly, can be utterly life changing. And it really comes down to a LIFESTYLE shift that happens slowly over time – there is no magic bullet! (But if I invent a magic pill I will let you know!)


Can I be vegetarian?

Of course – we love vegetarians cater for them accordingly. However, this is not created for vegans.


Is it family/spouse friendly?

Yes, people often comment about how much healthier their other halves are by them just cooking family-friendly meals. Clients have sent me pictures of kids eating smoothies or enjoying homemade chicken nuggets and fish fingers –so yes this does not mean you need to make two meals at dinner time – life is far too short that that sort of faffing…


I lack motivation and give up easily…

Then quit trying to follow a ‘set plan’ instead focus on creating a healthy life. I spend a lot of time talking about mindset in the club so this is definitely something that will be addressed in the group.

And the best way to not give up is be accountable, be supported and have the ongoing guidance you need to thrive.





£35 a month




Examples of the delicious food options in your monthly meal plans…