You’re fed up with feeling bloated and tired and you just feel STUCK!


You wake up feeling unrefreshed even though you slept ok. Getting dressed feels depressing and you wonder how clothes will look and fit with your big bloated belly.
(And if you’ll get asked if your pregnant AGAIN – when you’re not!)

You feel frumpy, fat and like a constant failure.
Mealtimes are stressful and you crave sugar and can’t function without caffeine.
(How would you get anything done without them!?)

But figuring out what to eat is OVERWHELMING and time-consuming. Plus you’ve tried ditching dairy, sugar, gluten or a million different diets in the past but find them impossible (and depressing) to stick to.

You can’t seem to make healthy habits that last – what’s wrong with you ?! It’s so frustrating!

And thats not all – you feel your hormones are imbalanced, your weight isn’t good and your relationship with food is unhealthy. You’re stuck in a cycle of dieting, obsessing over calories/points/syns/macros, binging and then beating yourself up.


And deep down you wonder if you’ll ever have energy, a normal belly or a healthy relationship with food.

You feel like you’re to blame – like you’ve failed.
You lack the will power, motivation and discipline (or metabolism!) that some women ‘miraculously’ have.


But you see how your tiredness, bloating and weird relationship with food is impacting your life, your family, your work and your social life – and it’s making you miserable.



But what if you could change your belly, the tiredness, daily overwhelm and just feel good (and normal!)?


Imagine waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Your energy lasted all day which meant you could get on with all the things you’re passionate about. Getting dressed is a JOY because clothes fit comfortably and you feel confident to shop for new jeans or summer dresses (or fit into old ones)  because you feel so good in your skin.


Your belly feels GOOD after you eat and is flatter – you are actually digesting food with no issues or drama. You know EXACTLY what to eat to feel good. You said goodbye to diets, magic teas or pills ages ago – you know exactly what your body needs so there is no need to follow the fads.


Your skin, hair, and nails have all improved and your periods are regular and healthy. You feel energised and don’t need shots of caffeine. You enjoy chocolate and cake without feeling the need to binge or overeat.


 Mealtime is easy, fun and simple. You know exactly what to eat, have lots of recipes and meal plans to choose from so you could spend your time doing other things you loved. You actually feel free around food. Free to choose a salad for dinner or your favourite takeaway – knowing both are important.


 Plus you have more time as you’re not spending hours googling your health – you have a clear plan created just for you and by a trained professional. You feel supported, accountable to a group of like-minded women knowing there is a place to ask your questions. 


 In fact, your relationship with food and your body feels good – balanced and normal. You eat mindfully and intuitively. Sure your digestion is better, you’re less bloated and feeling energised – but you also feel at peace with your plate and your wobbly bits. You feel lighter and happier – and it shows! Your family, friends, and partner all notice how much healthier and happier you are…and it feels awesome.



Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You’re fed up with feeling tired and bloated every single day but have no idea what will help.
  • You have no idea what to eat to help your energy, belly, and hormones.
  • You’re sick of your ongoing digestive issues – they make you anxious and you feel limited in what you can eat.
  • You’re overwhelmed by all the information and you know you need some accountability to keep you focused.
  • Weight has crept on but you desperately don’t want to diet or get sucked into that toxic way of thinking – but you DO want to feel lighter and brighter.



I am a Holistic Nutritionist who works with women who are fed up with feeling bloated and tired.

They’re not happy with their weight and are tired of constant digestive issues and knowing what to eat.I create a nutritional and lifestyle plan that helps them fix their digestion and hormones so that they can feel good in their clothes, and get back to living their lives.

And I lead Nourish, a 4-month group coaching & consultation program of women who are fed up with being bloated and tired and are ready to get their energy and belly back!!




As a result of being in the Nourish you could:

  • Increase your energy and wake up feeling refreshed and excited about the day.
  • Reduce the bloating and know what to eat to feel GOOD.
  • Notice happier hormones and periods, normal toilet trips, less sugar cravings, and looser clothes.
  • Ditch the dieting mindset and truly learn how to use food to nourish and heal your body without the guilt.
  • Feel confident that you’re not only eating well to feel good now but also know you’re taking action to prevent future disease.



What is Nourish?

Nourish is a 4-month group coaching program with private support for women just like you who want to get their energy and belly back.

It’s a place to get results. This is why over 4 months you work privately with me to create a unique nutritional and lifestyle action plan but ALSO get the kick up the bum and motivation that an intimate group provides. It’s your recipe for success!

It includes:

  • An online community group for 4 months – this means DAILY support and a place to ask your questions so that you don’t slip into old habits and end up feeling rubbish!
  • Access to a holistic nutritionist (that’s me FYI) so that you can stop googling every symptom or diet plan – you have a trained professional at your fingertips!
  • A Holistic Health Consultation – this is a private 90 min consultation with me where I dive deep into your current and past health and you create your unique plan of action so there is no more guesswork, generic ‘diet plans’ or confusion.
  • Access to 10+ weeks works of meal plans, recipes and shopping lists so that you can spend less time in the kitchen and supermarket and more time doing the things you love.
  • Delicious, whole food, allergy/vegetarian-friendly recipes so that you eat a variety of tasty foods (that are simple to prepare!)
  • Monthly Group Coaching – so you can’t ‘hide’ and go off track, feel accountable and the support you need to finally hit those big health goals you have (AKA hello energy and no more bloating!)


All of this is done in a SMALL group. I take on a maximum of 12 women so that you get the one to one support you need through the 4 months!


Dates of next round:

We get started on Friday 7th February 2020 !



I know that it can feel overwhelming and frustrating to make changes to your health and what you eat. 

It’s hard to go it alone and be accountable to only yourself – that’s why I created Nourish!







How it Works

>> Week 0 – Setting Yourself Up for Success

Once you’ve signed up you will be sent a welcome email and you will be asked to fill in an online questionnaire before our session to jumpstart the process and get you seeing results as fast as possible. I also send you an ebook that introduces you to a holistic way of healing and nourishing your body.


>> February – The Flourish Academy

For the first 4 weeks we will all go through a 4-week program I created that will help you hit the reset button, ditch the sugar addiction and kickstart your energy.
We all do this together so that we can make the most of our consultation as this program will provide all the basics. Most people see 60% of these symptoms shift in the first 4 weeks! So expect results – fast! 


>> March – Your Personalised Plan

This month we meet online for our private consultation so that you have a plan of action for how to fix your digestion, energy, hormones and relationship with food over the coming 12 weeks.

Your nutrition and lifestyle plan that is tailored specifically for you – no cookie-cutter formulas! I do my research and dive DEEP into your symptoms, health issues, medications, and history and make clear recommendations –  so you can save time and overwhelm.

You’ll already be seeing results by this point but this session will massively accelerate them.

(Please note private laboratory testing are an additional cost and prices vary from £30- £335) depending on the test. These are entirely optional.)


>>  April – Cleanse & Revive  

You will implement your unique and personal ‘Cleanse Plan’ which we will create during your consultation so that you make changes and see results that really LAST long after the program is over!

(And don’t worry there is no starvation and juice cleanses in Nourish).


>>> May – Boosting you Energy & Balancing Your Hormones

We’ll fine-tune things as you’ll already be feeling GOOD and we’ll focus on making you feel even better than you imagined!


>> Weekly Accountability and Monthly Resources

Throughout the 4 months, you have access to meal plans, recipes and take part in monthly group coaching so that you stay on track, motivated and inspired to keep taking action.


No more getting stuck or going it alone!!!



There are two options to pay for Nourish:





A sample of posts that pop up from

people who’ve been in Nourish 







real life feedback from our coaching group by Lyn



A snapshot of some of the recipes…












I have done loads of diets/club before none of them have worked or lasted – why is this different?

I would suggest that other diets haven’t worked or lasted for you because they weren’t personal and have never focused on creating a healthy LIFE. My guess is they’ve been generic one size fits all approaches.

This isn’t a 2-week program or short-term diet this is about coaching and guiding you to taking small steps to create a healthy LIFE over 4 months with private expert guidance.


Will I have to eat weird food?

No, clients often comment to me that the meal plans include things like chips, sausages, and egg and want to know if I have made a mistake!

The recipes focus on whole real food with zero gluten or refined sugar but no wheatgrass growing required 😉


Will I lose weight?

If your body needs to lose weight in order to be healthy, and you implement the all that we talk about in the clubhouse then you will lose weight for shizzle. But I warn you Nourish will help your body finds its own ideal weight and that might be different to what your idea of the ‘perfect weight is’! This is about getting your body HEALTHY not super boney.

On average people lose 6-10lbs in the first 4 weeks and more over time IF they need to 😉


Is there not a magic pill I can have instead? 

Sorry love but no. Getting healthy is not always easy but the journey and the process, when done properly, can be utterly life-changing. And it really comes down to a LIFESTYLE shift that happens slowly over time – there is no magic bullet! (But if I invent a magic pill I will let you know!)


Can I be a vegetarian?

Of course – we love vegetarians cater for them accordingly. However, this is not created for vegans.


Is it family/spouse friendly?

Yes, people often comment about how much healthier their other halves are by them just cooking family-friendly meals. Clients have sent me pictures of kids eating smoothies or enjoying homemade chicken nuggets and fish fingers –so yes this does not mean you need to make two meals at dinner time – life is far too short that that sort of faffing…


I lack motivation and give up easily…

Then quit trying to follow a ‘set plan’ instead focus on creating a healthy life. I spend a lot of time talking about mindset in the club so this is definitely something that will be addressed in the group.

And the best way to not give up is be accountable, be supported and have the ongoing guidance you need to thrive.








Examples of delicious food options …