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Discover the surprising secret to healthy living with this Slim For Life eBook & Coaching Bundle! 
If you really want to be healthy, have energy, confidence and create a LIFE that you really love then keep on reading…

What if I told you that creating a beautiful and healthy life was is easier than you thought? That you can become one of those bikini clad smoothie drinking women who just ‘throws on’ stuff and knows it will fit and look awesome. That you can have energy, be confident and still LOVE food! It is possible and that is what Slim For Life is all about.

Creating a healthy lifestyle can sometimes feel like stirring toffee (hard and slow for anyone not acquainted with that sweet stuff!) Like one long uphill battle. There is loads of conflicting advice out there, previous attempts that have left your feeling discouraged and a busy life that make the idea of adding anything else into the equation is a stressful thought! 

So I would love to share with you the secrets I have found in creating a slim, healthy and energised life. 

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Or maybe over the years the weight has crept on  slowly and you have NEVER been on a diet (yay!) and you don’t want to start now, you just want to be guided through simple principle for healthy living and quick results.

You can love your food, love your body and love you life – Slim for Life is here to help you do just that.  It is part of my Flourish eCourse  but I recognise that people won’t always want to wait to the next one they want to start NOW! Or they want a more affordable option and this Coaching Bundle is just that – instant access to tons of resources  to help you along the way!

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In this one transaction you get:

  • Slim For Life eBook. This eBook can go straight onto your tablet, computer or phone and contains 30 mouth-watering recipes (things like pizza, satay and brownies!) to get you started,  a 5 day meal plan and other practical resources to get you slim and sassy! It contains all the tried and tested principles used in the Flourish eCourse to get your results that last.
  • The Flourish Workbook. This is designed so that you can build on the simple nutritional principles in the eBook and create your own unique eating plan and lifestyle. You can work through this at you own pace and its a great tool for creating sustainable actions.
  • The 7 Day Flourish Food and Mood Diary. This is not a drab food diary this about looking at your whole life! What you eat as well as how you feel, what you say and do, this is designed to be your health coach throughout your weight loss journey, to remind you of your dreams and to keep you accountable.
  • Flourish Introductory Coaching Video. You get to spend some time with me as I go through the program and do some coaching with you. 
  • Flourish Affirmations. To help you create a new and healthy mindset and love for your body
  • 7 Day Meal Plan. To kick start you into tasty eating and make it even simpler.

What people say 

When it comes to food, I trust Kezia implicitly. She knows her stuff, and she’s passionate about sharing it with the world. And anyone who tells me to eat more butter? Well, I’m their biggest fan. Faith Dwight of

Even though I didn’t set out with the aim of losing weight , this week I am celebrating 4 lbs less weight to carry around (also mourning the loss of my love handles though.) D Charles

 I have eliminated sugar from my diet… but I am feeling great. I had the best nights sleep ever last night, my hair is amazing and I haven’t had cravings for sugar. I am truly amazed and my clothes are loose too. Anon 

In numbers I’ve gone from 82.4kg on day one, to 75.0kg (over a stone) on my last weigh-in this week- which I am delighted about! I put on a lot of weight last year and it is good to feel like I can recognise my body again – it has given me a lot of confidence and I’ve started to wear clothes that had been hiding in the back of my wardrobe for a while.  Hannah


Most ‘diets’ focus only on what not to eat, what to avoid, what to remove from your life. This is different, this is all about abundance. It is focused on healing the body not simply on numbers going down. It is a health revolution where effective and tasty nutritional principles along with tools to help shift your mindset so you can be effortlessly for the rest of your days.

++ Click here to get your hands on a copy! ++

So if you want to fit into those clothes at the back of your wardrobe, shop without utter depression or overcome niggling health problems then it is time to get Slim For Life .

You CAN be slim, healthy and thrive and NOW is the time to start.

Please note if you want more support and live coaching then make sure you sign up for the next Flourish eCourse where you will get all of these resources and SO MUCH MORE! 



Is it vegetarian friendly? Yes it sure is.

Do I have to cut out loads of stuff? You don’t have to do anything. We encourage you to remove/reduce gluten but the Flourish philosophy is to increase the amount of certain foods you eat not restrict or deprive you.

Is it really complicated and requires hours of cooking? No. We all lead busy lives so whilst it does require cooking (this is no meal replacement diet!) you won’t need to spend hours growing wheat grass or spend 2 hours a day exercising!


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