Getting Started…


Getting started …

You should have already received the following but if not simply click to download them:

  • Starter Guide HERE
  • Flourish eBook HERE – your foundations to Nourish (& the Flourish Academy which you get free access too as a HUGE Bonus!)
  • Nourish Recipe eBook HERE – 80+ recipes to get you started 😉

You have made one brave and bold move – I am so proud of you already!

And getting started is super simple –  just follow download the Starter Guide and follow the steps. Then have a read of the Flourish eBook and Nourish Recipe eBook.


Membership Details

Here is what you can expect every month:

>> Weekly Q&A sessions @ 12.30pm on Wednesdays. If you can’t make it live then you can post and use hashtag  #question to get your questions or topics covered in the mini FB live.

>> Monthly Mastermind – the detail for these will be posted on the HOME page and will be emailed  out to you. They will cover various topics and take place via ZOOM so I can see and hear you 😉

>> Monthly Meal Plan – x2 weeks worth of meal plans with easy access recipes and shopping lists attached.

>> The Flourish Academy – this is a 4 week Kickstarter program that will accelerate your results and lay the KEY foundation of everything we do here. Find out more about it here

Along with weekly posts and daily support in the Facebook group


*Please note that I do go on holiday and there will be occasional breaks the membership schedule.


Every season there will be:

>> A Seasonal Recipe eBook launched – full of new recipes suited for that season

>> Challenges/Programs – this might be a sugar detox, a mindset makeover, yoga challenge or self-care challenge.




What Now??

  1. Read the Flourish eBook all the way through – it’s the foundation of everything we will discuss.
  2. Complete this intake form.
  3. Head over to the Facebook group and start commenting and chatting so we can get to know each .
  4. Decide when you want to start the Flourish Academy (we do go through it together a few times a year but you can also begin it at any point that suits you) and let us know in the group
  5. If you are struggling or confused then email Jess at 



Small Sustain Steps are Sexy and the Way to Get Results!





As always if you have any questions email Jess our Community Manager at