The Thyroid Solution


But what if you could get your energy back and know exactly what was going on in your body AND what to do about it?


Imagine if that you woke up feeling refreshed and ready to go and you made it through the afternoon feeling energised? That your energy was stable and steady. Your belly was a bit flatter cos you were less bloated and you finally started to feel lighter, brighter and with that healthy glow. Any excess weight shifts but you didn’t feel deprived, but eating delicious healing foods… including chocolate too!

Imagine that you made healthy food choices EFFORTLESSLY throughout the day and you didn’t ‘need’ sugar for energy or to feel good? And when you look in the mirror you like (even love) your body and are proud of what you put into it, knowing that are a good example to those around you.

You aren’t ‘on or off’ any diet or program. Eating and preparing meals felt easy and enjoyable as well as delicious. You’re simply eating and enjoying life!

You know EXACTLY what is going on with your body and EXACTLY what to eat and do to support your thyroid – you feel confident and empowered, no longer a victim to a diagnosis or your own fears.


What would you do with all your new-found energy?
How would you feel when your clothes fit better and feel less tight?

Does this sound familiar?

  • You look in the mirror each day and can’t believe how tired and old you look
  • You’ve tried making changes things but can’t seem to make any healthy habits last?
  • You’re unhappy with your weight but it feels SO HARD to shift any fat?
  • You feel like your sweet tooth or caffeine consumption isn’t helping but are too tired to do anything about it!?
  • You have no idea what to do–all the information out there leaves you confused and totally overwhelmed?
  • You just want to know whats is going on and get to the bottom of all of this!



I am a Holistic Nutritionist who works with women who are fed up of feeling bloated and tired. They’re not happy with their weight, may have thyroid conditions and are tired of constant digestive issues. I create a nutritional and lifestyle plan that helps them ditch the cravings and boost their energy so that they can feel good in their clothes, and get back to living their lives.






After working together you’ll:

  • Have a clear and surprisingly easy plan for naturally supporting your thyroid so that you can increase your energy and kick start weight loss.
  • Have identified exactly what is going on with your body and thyroid so that you know you’re not crazy and have a clear plan of what to do.
  • Have lots of thyroid loving recipes so you’ll never go hungry and have lots of delicious foods to reach for when in need of a snack.
  • You will actually crave healthy foods and vegetables (trust me!) and will find you enjoy food so much more
  • You will wake up feeling ENERGISED and really good about your body.
  • Have started to see some amazing changes in your energy – in a short space of time!


How does it work?

1. Holistic health questionnaire
You will fill in an online questionnaire before our session to jumpstart the process and get you seeing results as fast as possible. You will also send me any recent blood test results for me to review and a food diary so that we can create a personalized plan that suits you.

2. Private Consultation:
Then we will hop online for our 90-minute session where you will get lots of ‘aha’ moments as you learn what’s really going on in your body and your thyroid. In the call, we will review your current health and symptoms and food diary so that we can make some simple changes that will give you big results ASAP.
I can also order private lab testing for you too if required so we know exactly what is going on in your body (at additional cost but entirely optional).

3. Personalised Thyroid Solution Plan
Then you will be sent your bespoke plan of action so you can ditch the overwhelm and know exactly what you need to do in order to increase energy and support your thyroid hormones. It will outline the 3 steps to ditching the sugar so that you have a clear path to better energy.

4.  Recipes & Meal Plan
Plus to make it easier you’ll get lots of thyroid loving recipes and a meal plan too so that there is NO kitchen overwhelm and NO tasteless food. Boosting your energy doesn’t mean munching on celery, there is so much delicious food that you (or your family) can enjoy.

5. Follow Up Consultation
And then a few weeks later we have another in-depth consultation to help keep you accountable and so we can make a few tweaks and then celebrate all the amazing results you’ve seen in just 3 weeks! This is also where we can review any test results so that you understand what is going on in your body.


You can ditch the energy crashes, sugar craving and those pesky pounds. I can help you by creating a clear plan that is designed just for you.



Special Intro Offer: £195 (Normally £300)


Want to get started? Excellent! Here’s how it will work.

Step 1. Make your payment here. 

Step 2. Within an hour of payment, you will receive an order email from me with The Sugar Solution Starter Guide with all the instruction for booking your first session and preparation work for our consultations.

Step 3. Then we’ll hold your session and create your sugar solution!


I can’t wait to watch you feel lighter, brighter and so much more energised!!



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What clients say 

“I had ME for 8 years which consisted of fatigue and consistent body pain… always felt tired, was bloated, had pain all over my body and I couldn’t shift my Mummy tummy. I needed help… 6 months later I was 80% pain and fatigue-free. I’ve never felt better! ” Jules

“I had bloating, slow digestion, frequent pain and tummy uncomfortableness before coming to see Kezia. Since our consultations, I’ve had no bloating, more regular bowel movements and my body’s ability to more quickly heal itself if slightly irritated.
Kezia is knowledgable, personable, quick to respond to questions, understanding of different situations and gives permission to make choices of freedom surrounding food rather than just prescribing what you should do.
The cost was definitely worth it and I am glad I finally bit the bullet and made the changes I needed to make. Having informed help has been so empowering in knowing how to make good choices for my health.
Recent client

“Since I was a child I always suffered from going to the toilet for a poo. I could go for two weeks without going. I’m constantly in pain with my stomach and had been back and forth to the doctor’s which this issue only to be given laxatives which never worked.
Now? I’m totally blown away that I now can go to the toilet every day which I thought was impossible. No more stomach pain and my bloating as gone! Working with Kezia has been the best thing I’ve ever done.” Sarah


Hurry – this is a time-limited offer!!
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There are only 4 spaces available. If you have any see below or email




When do you have consultations?
My online consultation clinic is open Tues – Thursday 6.30pm -9.30pm. They are held online via Zoom 

Do I need a paypal account to pay?
No you have to simply chose the second option and pay as a guest

Can I be a vegetarian?

Is it family-friendly?
Of course – there ain’t NO WAY I am going to make you cook separate meals for everyone #lifeistooshort

Other questions? Email




Hurry – this is a time-limited offer!!
>> Sign up for The Thyroid Solution HERE <<

There are only 4 spaces available. If you have any see below or email