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Sep 26, 2013 | Nutrition

mabel afternoon tea

For those of you who don’t check out my facebook page (if not you definitely should as I give out free snippets of health information to you throughout the day) then you may not be aware of my regular visits to where I am the resident health guru. Where I talk more about  that which I love most – healthy happy living. Today’s post is all about how to have a Afternoon Tea  with a naturally healthy twist (can you tell I have been watching too much of the bake off?)

You see Super Naturally Healthy is not just about writing some healthy recipes and sharing my story and knowledge with you, it is about helping this land that I live in become a healthier place. I am talking healthy, happy world domination. (Did I just freak you out slightly? Apologies – that may have made me sound more Pinky and the Brain* than I intended).
My desire for this little website and business is to change our culture of obesity, fast crappy food and disease. I am convinced that we were made to be healthy and that the nature, nutrition (and God ) hold the keys to this. Are you living with long term sickness or annoying health problems? I honestly believe, and have experienced, that that does not have to be the case. You are made to be well.
What does this have to do with Mabels Log? Sharing knowledge and experiences is part of how you bring change and transformation to a place so I am making small steps to do that. So over the coming months you may see me pop up in all sorts of locations and places as I aim to share the naturally healthy fun! Also there will be a few changes here on this sit over the next month as I prepare for all the future fun. I will be rebranding and slightly redesigning this site to make it even better and easier for you to use as well and launching my coaching business and products – so its all very exciting this end! 
So why not share anything that you like on this site on your email, twitter or facebook so that together we can shape our culture into a naturally healthy one. Join me on my happy mission, share any posts that you like, give naturally healthy tips to your friends, bus drivers or postmen and importantly let me know what you want  to read about – as I want you to be as healthy as can be!

Thanks for joining me on this journey and for all your stories you keep sending me of improved health – please keep them coming as they make my heart happy!

I am off to rescue some attempts of cinnamon rolls out the oven – I will let you know how they go…


*Pinky and the Brain was an awesome cartoon I watched growing up – I highly recommend watching it for its great intellectual stimulus…not.

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