vBlog – What is it? Cholesterol and Why it is GOOD.

Nov 20, 2013 | Nutrition

Ever wondered why people talk so much about cholesterol and why there are so many ‘low cholesterol’ foods out there?

In this vBlog (i.e video blog) I explain more about this mysterious substance and its role in our body.


Further reading:

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Huffington Post – a good (but long) in depth article 

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Zoe Harcombe – A great article about why statins are BAD for you. This is a great in depth article for those who want to know more.


Dr Natasha McBride Campbell – GAPS book.

Please note cholesterol is a BIG subject and  so for times sake I  say some every general statements within the video in order to keep it brief. There is plenty of research available for those how wish to look for closely into this area or feel free to ask me any questions on my facebook page.


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