Christmas Countdown #5: Natural Ways to Deal with the 'Morning After'

Dec 13, 2013 | Nutrition

treeThe festive season is known for its parties, indulgences and drinks. In fact this weekend is one long party weekend for me, with a work night out tonight involving wine tasting (side note – how weirdly fun is wine tasting? I know nothing about wine but I like to make comments like mmm yes fruity or ohhh very dry yes very dry’ when really what I am thinking is  ‘ oh it tastes like, well, wine!)  and then a festive housewarming party tomorrow at our wonderful new home.

Now, I  am by no means a big drinker as I have far more fun and frolicks without it, but often you get that awful morning after feeling from not only alcohol but also from sheer exhaustion of getting to bed very late, mixing drinks or just too much sugar! So here are are some top tips to get you feeling tip top again when you have over done the partying

1. Water. Whether its alcohol or sugar (in the form of fizzy drinks or mince pies) you will be dehydrated. Wake up and have some water with lemon in it to alkalise the body and get a vitamin c boost. If possible do the same before you go to sleep after your party.

2. Make a Banana Smoothie.  Bananas are filled with potassium a mineral lost though drinking but they will also provide a healthy filling start to the say some natural sugar to perk you up and a tasty breakfast. Blend together 1 ripe banana, 2tbsp of peanut butter (or almond butter), some probiotic yogurt, a tsp of raw honey and 1-2 tbsp of cocoa of a chocolatey kick!

3.Avoid caffeine. It will only dehydrate you further, upset your digestive tract and stress your all ready stressed out adrenals. I know its the the things your want to reach for, a nice strong coffee or tea but hold out until at least you have eaten and drank loads of water.

4. Sleep. Instead of having a coffee plan in a nap. Take 30min or an hour to have a snooze as sleep is the most healing things EVER! This will also prevent any post party cold viruses getting the best of you.

5. Eat something filling. We we feel delicate we need  energy and filling food. So go with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, avocado and maybe some rye bread for your breakfast so you can get all the protein, fats and energy you need for the day.

So if you wake up feeling grim, don’t reach for the espresso and sausage sandwich , follow the above and start your day fighting fit!

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