What is the Difference between Gluten Free & Wheat Free? And which one should you be?

Apr 23, 2014 | Nutrition

Heard people say ‘ I’m going wheat free’ or ‘sorry I am gluten free’ and been slightly confused about what they both mean, if they are different, and what you can actually eat?

A few weeks ago we started looking at the topic of gluten. What is it and whether you should be eating it. Being gluten free is hot topic as more and more people are discovering that they feel so much better by cutting it out or reducing it dramatically in their diet. I know that my journey of going wheat free, then gluten free has brought awesome results in regards to energy, wellbeing and helping heal my crazy digestive issues. (Read more about THAT here)
Hopefully after watching the last video you have become more aware of the amount of gluten in your diet and the potential effects it is having on your health.Maybe you have tried cutting it out or reducing it in your diet. Or maybe you are still skeptical and feel removing all gluten would be to much of a big step. Wherever you’re at – let me know by leaving a comment or question below and I will get right back to you!

Today I will also address the gluten/wheat free alternatives but I will write more about this in future posts , but let me know what areas you find confusing about the whole gluten free thing as my aim is to help you get healthier and body happy! So just let me know…

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Are you Gluten free? Do you feel better when you don’t eat it or think this is all some fad?

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