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May 8, 2014 | Drinks, Nutrition, Weight Loss


Tomorrow marks the start of my 14 day green smoothie challenge! This is going to be so much fun  as it is just a simple, easy and fun way to feel awesome and try out some new weird and wonderful foods.

Green smoothies can be intimidating as they are so green, so I have made a wee video help answer you questions. But i can assure you that you will feel awesome by adding a cup of green goodness into your day and who doesn’t want to feel more more awesome?!

If you want to sign up then fill in the form below and I will send you recipes and free guide , plus I will be giving you daily updates to inspire you to get even healthier and happier:)

Got more questions? Leave them in the comments below – otherwise I look forward to getting my smoothie on with you (oh that sounds ruder written out then it did in my head….)

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  1. Hi K
    Its 2015 and I’m getting into juicing. Can I still get the green smoothie emails?
    Happy new year and Thanks.
    B x

    • Alas the green smoothie challenge is over but you can download the green smoothie guide sheet for inspiration. Just use the link below. I will be running another green smoothie challenge though in the coming months – se keep eyes peeled!



  1. FREE Green Smoothie Download & Recipe: THE END of The Green Smoothie Challenge! | Super Naturally Healthy with Kezia Hall - […] or twitter , over the last 14 days a good bunch of us have been on the green smoothie…

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