5 Signs That You Are Addicted to Sugar

Oct 14, 2015 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition



I can not tell you how many times people tell me that they don’t really eat much sugar, don’t have a sweet tooth and could live without sugar easily. Then they precede to tell me that they can’t live without there daily vanilla latte, munch on gummy sweet through the day and have a permanent case of athletes foot or worse.


I am sure some of you really don’t have a sweet tooth and are not really that bothered but more people are addicted to sugar than they realise.


So if you aren’t sure if you are addicted to sugar then click below and I will share with you some of the biggest tell tale signs I see most often that mean you could be addicted to the white stuff with my 5 Signs That You Are Addicted to Sugar!



And if you have more than one of them then it is time to Beat the Sweet!


On October 26th I am starting a 21 Day Sugar Challenge which will guide you through getting rid of that refined sugar addiction but also on how to use and introduce natural sugars so that you can double you energy and regain your GLOW.


Click below to join the waiting list and get your free ultimate Natural Sweetener Recipe eGuide!


So are you addicted to sugar? Whats your sweet treat down fall?? 
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