5 Reasons It Is OK To Put ON Weight…

Mar 22, 2016 | Life, Nutrition, Weight Loss



Putting on weight seems to be the mother bear of fears for women.


I know it can be for me. As I am writing this post as I live in the very tension of it. Feeling like I have gotten a little bit ‘thicker‘ around by hips and thighs in recent weeks and months (i don’t weigh myself so don’t know exactly) and I am starring right at the inner critic, that inner voice that tells me putting on weight is a DISASTER. 


And I am not alone with my inner critic that tells us that if we put on weight then:

  • we have failed
  • we are so out of control and greedy
  • we are not worthy of love
  • that we look UGLY
  • that we are not enough

need I go on?….


And the tension is real because if you are desperately unhappy with your weight and you have been for a long time then it is a great idea to do something about it. You need to take action……….or stop complaining about it! (Pet peeve is people who complain but never take action – arrrgghh!!!!)


But most of us fall into this category. Our weight = our identity and value. I see this time and time again with my one2one clients and people in my Flourish Community.  


We think if we lose weight then we will love ourselves more, like ourselves more and be a ‘better person’ but can I say that is the biggest loads of sh*t ever. If you don’t love, accept and value yourself NOW you won’t do it THEN. Simple.


Now, this may be easier to write than it is to live. Even this morning the thought of a 7-day juice cleanse did float across my mind as in less than 2 weeks I jet to Corfu for a girly holiday which involves wearing bikinis and being surrounded by beautiful ladies in said bikinis. Eeeekkkkkk!!!! And I am normal – so the idea of losing 7 lbs in 7 days whilst only drinking juice is appealing….in a way.



And hear me out I don’t hate on juice cleanses, they can be awesome, but it is the heart, the root behind taking that action that matters. If it is coming from a place of self-loathing then it is not healthy. If it is from a place of restriction and body hate then that won’t do you good. I don’t need to lose half a stone, I first need to accept and love myself right where I am at and then take appropriate action.



It is not that DOING something about your weight is bad, no no no! I mean my Flourishing eCourse is partly focused on doing that – it is the beliefs and mindset that it is coming from. Becuase:


You are enough.

You are uniquely beautiful.

Your body is like no other.

And beautiful does not equal perfection.


Yes you may need to face up to health facts if you are very overweight and or obese as too much extra fat is a massive stress to the body BUT that does not need to impact how lovely you are. Taking action is a good thing but hating yourself and your body is NOT no matter what size you are.


So am I going on a juice cleanse?? Well I plan on drinking juice….but also other food too and will ensure I get regular exercise in as that helps remind me of my kick ass self.  I could also just stop eating cake at 9.30pm every night….that might help my hips, but I am no promising anything!


To be honest I think I currently fit into reason number 3 below and I am learning to be A-OK with that. When my adrenals (read about that here) are a bit better I would LOVE to get a personal trainer (life long dream to be shouted at and trained hard – weird I know!) but right now my body can’t handle that and I am learning to accept and celebrate that.

I refuse to be ‘scared’ about wearing a bikini or stripping off – no thanks that sounds rubbish and whilst I am not super model in physique I am healthy, slim, strong and well… me.


But what about you? 


Here are 5 reason why is is 100% ok to put on a little weight



Maybe number 1.A should be ‘cos you want to eat lots of cake?


1.You are healing your body.

Sometimes for  healing your body you need to hold a little bit extra weight in order to reassure it that it is ok to heal. This is especially true with hormones related issues, so for me right now sorting out my thyroid/adrenals I am not going to be shedding fat as I am focusing on HEALING.


2.Sh*t happens.

Maybe you have just lost a loved one or your roof has flown off of your house or you have been diagnosed with something horrid – then give yourself a break!

It is OK to not make healthy eating a top priority at certain seasons in life. You don’t have to have perfect meals every day, I know many people that when life gets craps just ensure they get a green smoothie and lots of water into their days or weeks and that is enough!


3.You can’t be arsed

I know this may sound random, but losing weight does take intention and effort – it rarely is just going to happen and slap you across the face. So if you are busy and can’t be arsed to do it then don’t. 

Your still beautiful and valuable and can still be healthy, just give yourself a break and acknowledge that right now you don’t want it enough to do anything about it.

Permission to be and feel the way you feel is BEAUTIFUL and RADICAL  thing!


4.Your periods have stopped

If this is the case then 99% of the time you need to put on weight and stop exercising and seek support (why not meet with me – click here for more info). Becoming infertile is not healthy!


5.You are planning on having a baby soon

Traditionally women would go on a preconception diet as female bodies love a little extra weight for baby making. I am not talking stones and stones but about half a stone can help. This isn’t to say its bad to get pregnant skinny, not at all, but it can be a helpful thing. The female body often feels ‘safer’ with a little bit of extra wobble 😉


And really number 6 would be – cos you want to!!! It is your body so play by YOUR rules not the medias or magazines depiction of beauty.


If you’re ready to take action and love your body more then why not come along and join my Flourish eCourse & Community – click here to find out more.


Do you freak out when you put on weight? Would you add anything on the list?



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