Travel Advenutres #2: Lessons in Self Care

May 27, 2016 | Life



It is time for a part 2 update of my current travel adventures.


In my last post, I shared with you how I kick started my 10-week travelling adventures with a 5-day fasting detox retreat. I wanted to do my own retreat before I run one in September, so click here to see how I got on sans food for five days!


That retreat was on the island of Koh Samui and that whole time was really an intense time of self-care and to be honest our time of traveling since then has also been marked by the lessons I keep on learning about looking after myself.


You see, to be brutally honest, I have been pretty shitty after looking after myself in the past and this is NOT because I am ‘so selfless and giving‘. It’s because I was so proud and arrogant to think I didn’t need to. I was strong, I could carry on, I could keep on going and didn’t need to look after myself like all the other ‘weaklings’ around me. Gross and toxic isn’t it when you write it down?


But over the last few years God has been teaching me about the value of looking after me, being humble enough to rest, worthy enough to invest in me and letting health flow from inside out.


A lot of this has shifted by going deep and doing some soul-searching and defining of my beliefs and values BUT can also be super practical. So when I got asked if I wanted a spa session after my 5-day detox at the Amari Hotel on Koh Samui I actually wanted to say no as I felt it was a bit excessive. Too much to have a retreat and go to a beautiful spa with Joe and get scrubbed and massaged to blissful pieces!



Ready to go!

Interesting. It seems I had put a ‘cap‘ on my self-care.


So I said yes and went with it even if a part of me felt uncomfortable with this level of luxury(remember guys I spent years working with the vulnerable, homeless, addicted, disabled adults so luxury is not my norm….but I am working on that!) but it is also daft to say no to free spa treatments!


The Amari Hotel Spa was BEAUTIFUL! We were welcomed with fresh juice, and everyone was so kind and friendly. We both had their signature Pina Colada treatment with involved a full body scrub and Thai massage. Two hours of relaxing bliss! I definitely recommend getting yourself to one of their Hotels no matter where you are in the world.


Obviously, self-care is not all about going getting spa treatments (although it always helps!) and since then I have been trying to be intentional about being kind to me. That has looked like sleeping in, doing exercise regularly, going for swims at sunset, journalling,  visiting healthy cafes, limiting how much I work, making green smoothies and investing and quality and healthy food where I can (can be tricky when travelling!)


But I have been learning some deep and useful lessons in this area (which I once deemed as wussy and ridiculous) so here they are



One of my first meals after my fasting detox


Lessons in Self Care


It might feel uncomfortable. Just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean it will feel natural, easy or awesome to begin with. Any transformation in our lives will make us feel uncomfortable – fact.


It is a discipline. I know, it’s un-sexy but true. You may read about all this stuff and then just expect it to happen but it won’t. It is an intentional thing and therefore requires discipline . There will ALWAYS be something else we could do other that meditate, go to bed early, exercise or take a bath.


It serves others. When you are strong, healthy and managing yourself in the unique way that you need, then others will benefits. It’s crazy but true.


Put your money where your mouth is! This isn’t about spending tons of cash but we communicate what is valuable to us with what we spend our money on. If you NEVER invest in a new pair of pants, magazine, haircut, massage, manicure, book a retreat, overpriced latte just to treat yourself then change that habit now (it often just takes some re-budgeting – we are often way richer than we think!)



And remember if you want to kick start your self-care with a massive dollop of healthy goodness then why not join me for a live health reTREAT!


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Closing date 28th May 2016!

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