How to get back on track after eating {tons} of crap….

May 31, 2016 | Life, Nutrition, Weight Loss



Let’s face it, we are not all perfect and eat perfectly healthy food all the time. I personally don’t think that is healthy more obsessive.


But sometimes we end up in a total rut of eating crap and we know we are doing it but we seem to just feel stuck. Am I right?


This is something we talk about a lot in my Flourish Community, as it is totally normal to have certain seasons in life when our eating gets off track. Some people freak out about it but honestly I think it is totally normal. 


Life throws us curve balls sometimes and I know for myself that it is really easy to just start eating cake for breakfast one day as a treat and then it slowly become a daily habit. We treat our selves to that latte at lunch and then it suddenly becomes a habit and soon we introduce some dark chocolate to go with it and BOOM we are a few pounds heavier and have a sore tummy the rest of the day and have fooled ourselves into thinking our new habit is healthy and part of being ‘balanced’ even when our body is clearly telling us otherwise.


In my Flourish community we talk about just hitting the RESET button. No guilt, no beating yourself up, just intentionally deciding to RESET.


It doesn’t need to be big or dramatic just simple changes. So take me today writing this, last night I made homemade pizza with deliberately too much mozzarella and ate it for breakfast too, indulged in real bread and wine,  have drank too much coffee this week for my body (my body has a love/hate relationship with coffee) and had a mug cake fest last night whilst playing board games.



No biggy, just a lot of fun but today I am aware that I need to hit that RESET button so here are 5 ways you (and I) can get back on track whether you have been stuck in a crap eating trap for 12 hour or 24 weeks


1.Move on. Do not get stuck dwelling in the past and what you ate in your last meal, how much junk you have consumed or how much weight you have out on. It’s a toxic trap that stops you creating the future you want. Kindness is key here, beating yourself up is stops you taking action and leave you stuck in a self-pity party that no one wants to come too ….apart from a large bar of milk chocolate.


2.Organise your ass off. Create some sort of plan of action that fits your style. You don’t need to create a list or spreadsheet but you do need to be intentional. A green smoothie will not just arrive in your hand you need to be organised enough to get the spinach and make the darn thing! I typically plan on a few RESET meals like this green smoothie, some stir fry, fresh juice and my fav soup like this.




3.Reality check. It’s time to get real – what caused you to spiral? New baby, berehevament, new job, stressed out or just poor planning due to lack of value for yourself and health? This is a so crucial, on Flourish we are alway looking to get to the root causes because when you tackle an issue at the root then you get true transformation and our beliefs and values are the thing that drives our poor behaviour and habits around food. Tackle them and then you will truly Flourish.


4.Eat more. Yep. Eat more thing like healthy fats, proteins and vegetables. You see in Flourish I reeducate you about what a healthy food pyramid actually is. Eating rice and carbs all day is not doing your body good or helping with your food cravings so the solution is to eat more of the good stuff.



All easily remembered as MORE 😉


So if you feel stuck and  are aware of that looming sense of summer and holidays then be MORE . Implement the above and just be kind to yourself and allow yourself to actually make progress.


But if you feel like you want a bit more support, structure and expertise then why not come and join the Flourish Community and eCourse – which is currently on SALE!!!



In just six weeks you can see your body and mindset transform! 

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How do you get back on track and out of an eating rut?

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