Cheap Superfoods You Can Afford to Eat Every Day

Aug 24, 2016 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition



I love the word superfood.


It makes me think of super HERO food, you know a food that is going to come and save the day and rescue your body the pit of despair and peril!


Gosh, I do love a bit of drama sometimes…


And to be honest that is what they do. Whilst the term superfood does not have a  ‘official’ definition I like using it.


But they can be pretty pricey. Spirulina is fabulous for you but about £10 for a couple hundred grams, or bee pollen which is also fabulous but not exactly a money saver.


So whilst I love to splurge and budget in those awesome superfoods, today I am diving in and sharing  my favourite cheap superfoods that you can afford to eat every day. 


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But First Money Mindset…

  I get very excited about empowering you to create a healed delicious life whilst still eating cake and having fun. But money is one of the biggest areas of resistance that people have when it comes to getting healthy. So often people say to me, “I would love to be healthy but I can’t afford spinach to make smoothies. I can’t afford those probiotic supplements. I love our family to be healthy but we just can’t afford those organic meats.”


People have this all or nothing mentality. Either they will eat healthy 100% organic or they won’t bother at all which is just the wrong approach.


When it comes to finances we are always powerful and can always make good choices. When it comes to our health, healing our bodies and having good food, it really comes down to our personal priorities and being intentional about the money we spend.


So let’s look at some really simple and cheap things that you can add into your life without going out and spending tons of money on coconut oil, berries or kilograms of nuts and seeds. 



7 Cheap Superfoods You Can Afford to Eat Every Day


1.Super Sauerkraut

One of my favorite dirt cheap superfoods is Sauerkraut. It that comes from good old cabbage, I’m pretty sure that you can afford a cabbage. I remember once when I was super hard up and a supermarket was selling cabbages for 5p, I got six months’ worth of Sauerkraut for 15p! I mean you probably have 15p in your sofa…

 It is basically a natural probiotic that is so good for your body, plus it’s easy to make and means you don’t need to buy expensive probiotics. It contains vitamin C whilst also helping your stomach and digestive enzymes, which mean better immune system and happier digestion. Winner.

Just eat it every day and trust me, it tastes better than you think!

>>>> Get the recipe here


2.Awesome Apple Cider Vinegar

Raw Apple cider Vinegar is probably on the pricier end of this list. It cost me £1.80-2.50 from my local health store. It’s great for those who suffer from reflux or indigestion and is slightly probiotic and really alkalizing for the body. It makes great salad dressings or just add a tsp it to your glass of water.

>>>> Get it here
(please note I find it much cheaper at health food shops than buying it online – unless buying it in bulk)


3.Water, Water, Water

The cheapest of all is water. Drinking your water is so good for your body and most of all it’s free.




4.Garlic Galore

A bulb of garlic may cost you 60p depending on what garlic you are buying and you can get a lot for not very much money. But why?

Garlic is amazing not only for flavoring your food but it’s fabulous for fighting off colds,  cleansing your body or helping fight off things like candida overgrowth. Just crush and chop garlic clove into tiny pieces, then just swallow the raw little bits like a pill every single day. Or you can put them on a spoon of honey to make it more palatable.

I would bore you if I tell you how many benefits garlic has, you can find out more here. And no, I don’t find that my breath stinks of garlic when I just swallow tiny pieces 😉

Just don’t chew it…..!!


5. I love butter

I love butter so much. 

Ideally, you really want it to be organic but if you can’t afford organic then go with ordinary butter if it that’s or margarine. (Never choose margarine!!) I eat tons of it every day because it’s a good source of Vitamin A & K and has lots of other yummy benefits for your body.

 Plus as a saturated fat is will help keep you full, nourish your body and help stabilise your blood sugar.

>>>> Click here to read why I love butter so much!


6.Brilliant Bone Broth

Once a month I make batches of bone broth, freeze them in little cupcake holders and use them instead of using stock cubes. You can see the link to my recipe below.

Shope bought stock cube mainly consist of sugar and salt whereas bone broth is full of fabulous amino acids like glucosamine and tons of other goodness that help your body heal.

AND often if you sweet talk your local butcher they will even give you bones for free 😉

>>>> Get the recipe here


7.Exciting Eggs

Again ideally go for eggs that are as high quality as you can afford – because quality food mean quality nutrients for your body.

Don’t limit the amounts of eggs you eat in a day. The legislation that used to say only eat two eggs a day has been scrapped due to new research. So get egg-cited and eat away… unless you are allergic to them. (In which case, don’t eat them….duh!)




No matter where you are at with your budget or health journey there is something here for you. Getting healthy is not about making excuses but making powerful choices. It is choosing to invest time, attention and energy into your health.


Don’t forget if you really want to save money then start meal planning. It’s one of the simplest, easiest ways of saving money every week. Head over to my website and download my free weekly meal planning template. It’s a really useful resource. Also subscribe to my YouTube channel for many more free hints tips and recipes.


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Can you beat my 15p super sauerkraut steal? Let me know in comment below 😉







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