Why (& how) I am hitting the RESET button….

Aug 23, 2017 | Nutrition


We have all been there. Your smartphone starts behaving weirdly. Does crazy things and stops allowing you to phone people. Or maybe it’s your tablet and all of a sudden it no longer works.


Well, this has happened to be on multiple occasions and I always phone the Apple people to rant at them down the line. Then they politely ask me:


a. when was the last time I turned it off and allowed it to rest and reset?
b. do I simply need to press the reset button?


And lo and behold and doing one of those two things tends to fix it.


But when as the last time you hit the RESET button with your body? And when was the last time you switched off and allowed yourself to rest?


I tend to think that these are words are really different angles of the same thing. Resting is resetting and resetting brings rest.


But right now I want to focus on RESETTING because I am mid way through my 21 Day Flourish RESET program that is part of my Flourish Academy program which is opening its doors soon.


(The Flourish Academy is the place to be to become one fabulous fat burning female, whilst healing your body and eating cake. It’s a private small group coaching program where I take you by the hand and lead you through my 8 week fat burning, body loving and freedom bringing, program. Join the wait list below to get first access)


But why bother?

Well for me I find it really helpful for a few times a year to just press the (imaginary) RESET button.  It is so easy for me to just mindlessly eat. To get into the habit of nightly glasses of wine or daily slices of cake at 9.30am. And for the sugar monster to rear its ugly head and try to get me to be subject to its will.


I also like to check in with my body and take some time to really nourish it and look after it. Support the natural daily detoxification, eat loads of nutrient dense foods and focus on giving my body the best. And also to remember who is the boss. Me or food? (Hint the answer should be me!)


Is this some sort of harsh thing where I bully myself into submission over 21-days? Or restrict my calories to 1200kcal daily to ‘help’ me lose weight?





First of all, I eat lots of calories – I don’t know or care how many but the last time I counted my intake for a Uni assignment it was about 1900-2200 daily.


Secondly, this is about LOVE. I LOVE myself enough to do this. I love myself enough to show some discipline for 3 weeks and to invest in myself in this way. (Yes love leads to discipline. Lack of self-discipline is sometimes a lack of deep self-love.)



What does it look like

Well, I have basically taken this out of the first 3-week of my Flourish Academy, my 8-week group coaching program and I focuses on eating an anti inflammatory diet and squashing the sugar addiction.


It focuses around eating LOTS the fabulous fat burning foursome – Fat, Veggies, Fibre, Protein – FVFP for short!


So for 21 days, I am:


  • I am eating LOTS of fish, meat, bone broth, eggs, nuts, seeds, coconut, olive oil, ghee, cocoa and all the veggies and 1 -2 servings of fruit daily.
  • I am not focusing on eating gluten, sugar of any kind (whether natural or refined), no dairy except ghee, no hydrogenated fats, junk foods and for me specifically no grains (as I feel better without them).


And to top it off I am doing Facebook Live every day to record my progress – eeeekkk! You can watch a few of them below…



Progress so far…

You can follow my progress by making sure you like and follow my Facebook page here but it’s been an interesting journey so far.


But so far the main thing I am discovering is :


a. I am still a bit addicted to the sweet stuff.….but #cake. So no surprises there and to be honest I really don’t feel like it’s a big deal but its good to keep in check.


b. It is all about self-love. Sure it easy to dub these kinds of things as faddy and you can easily do them with a toxic mindset. But when you get it right, this is really about self-love on a deep cellular level. I am remembering how powerful I am and taking time to listen to my body more instead of just eat my emotions away.

Well done me.


c. It’s JUST food. At the weekend, I ate something by accident that I ‘shouldn’t’ have. But I WAS NOT BOTHERED. It was an accident and really its just food. We have bigger fish to fry right? So over the years, I have learned to cut myself some freaking slack – food is food and I am grateful to have it. And I refuse to let it have any unhealthy power over my emotions or self-worth.


Now I am TOTALLY aware that is so easy to approach this kind of thing as just another fad, just another blip on the health horizon. To do it from a place of self-loathing, of punishment, and from an ‘I must be thin‘ mentality. But that is all toxic bollocks that will keep you trapped forever getting nowhere.


But the key with hitting the RESET & REST button is to look at it as some divine self-care. As a chance to show yourself endless grace and kindness as you face those emotions that you might normally squash down with food.


So here’s to a bit of self love, discipline and self discovery…..and to the glass of wine I am going to partake in when this is over!!! 😉


And make sure you join the Flourish Academy WAIT LIST below to get first access to my exclusive group coaching program.


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