5 Easy Tips for Healthy Weight Loss {Without the Body Hate or Crappy Food!}

Jan 17, 2018 | Healing & Herbs, Weight Loss


So let’s get something clear. I want people to feel more awesome, more confident, free from body embarrassment and shame and with a normal relationship with food. So whilst this blog mentioned ‘weight loss’ in the title, this is ALL in the context of real food, real body love and healing your body. No fads, no body hate, no self loathing. Just full mind – body health.


And weight loss isn’t everything. It really isn’t BUT it is also 100% ok if you genuinely do want to lose weight.  You can lose weight , love your body and eat a really healthy whole foods. You don’t have to diet you don’t have to cont calories or syns or points you can have both.


But why can weight loss be so hard?


For example I have a client recently who had ben following a popular diet to  the letter, lost some weight and then stopped losing any more for NO reason. Or women who run for miles a week and eat well but loss nothing or keep on gaining weight?


And whilst your relationship with food and you body plays a LARGE role things like metabolic issues, food intolerance, nutrient defencies, poor insulin management  and other practical factors that make weight loss hard.



So today we are looking at the 5 easy things that you can do today to  lose weight….effortlessly!


Now that may sound like some bad commercial tag line, but keep reading! I’m not going to try and sell you a ‘magic pill’ or gross tea!


Weight loss is all about bringing healing and balance to the body. Healing metabolic issues, poor blood sugar, self sabotaging behaviours, lack of self-care or gut issues (and so much more).  And when you can heal and nourish the WHOLE person then weight loss can be effortless and easy. This doesn’t necessarily mean it will be quick or it will happen over night but there can be a sense of ease around losing weight. I promise!


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How to make weight loss more effortless…


1) The Fabulous Fat Burning Four

Eat more of these! Yes my first tip involves eating more of these fours foods, in every single meal.

  • Healthy Fats – avocado, olive oil, Ghee, Nuts, Seeds etc
  • Vegetables – are filled with all the things your body needs.
  • Fibre – often included in vegetables but also Chia seeds and pumpkin seeds.
  • Protein fish,grass fed meat, seeds, lentils, tempeh, eggs.

If you want some meal plan help with this then make sure you join the Bootcamp as I will be providing a meal plan and lots of recipes! Yay.


2) Get your sleep sorted

If your sleep is not good quality or simply you’re not getting enough od it, you will really struggle to lose weight.

This isn’t something you can ‘supplement’ yourself out of.  Sleeping at night, in the pitch black with no light from phones or computers or ‘standby lights’ from TV  or computers is essential. Lack of quality sleep means you will crave more sugar and caffeine which contribute to the insulin mis-management. This ‘mismanagement‘ can lead to poor energy and weight gain. It impacts your mood, mental health, fertility, skin, mental clarity etc. It is SO important so aim for a minimum 7 hours ideally 8 hours a night and take naps if needed.


3) Stick with three meals a day

If you are constantly eating you will find that you eat more than just having 3 proper meals a day including the Fabulous Fat Burning Four. If you find that you are starving at 11am or 4pm it is because you are not eating enough at breakfast and lunch respectively.

Eat MORE of the right foods!


4) High Intensive Interval Training (HIIT) Regularly

Research shows that exercising in the way is very supportive of weight loss, heart health, blood sugar management. The great thing about it is that HIIT workouts can be very short, like 10 min long and if you do it regularly you will see a difference.

It is timed interval training, meaning you work intensively for 20 seconds, then have 10 seconds off before doing another 20 seconds of work, a set number of times before changing and beginning another set of 20 seconds on 10 seconds off. (This will make sense when you actually do it!)

Moving regularly is so helpful for weight loss NOT JUST FOR CALORIE BURNING but for supporting you mindset and approach to food. For building muscle and showing your bodies strength and health.

Ladies you really want to focus on building muscle (and NO you will not end up looking like The Rock!) because the more muscle you have the more fat you burn. So think less treadmill more kettle bells and squats. You can do just 10-15 minutes, 2-3 times, a week will really have an impact on your health. Exercise alone with no diet changes or good quality sleep will not impact you weight loss.

I use Fitness Blender or other You Tube exercise videos, you need zero equipment for this – not even a pair of trainers!


So if you’re  feeling really bummed about weighing more than you like then, remeber to love your body as it is right now and THEN simply ADD IN these simple habits. You don’t need to be perfect, you don’t need to wait and you don’t need to ‘diet‘. Just add these things to your normal life and it will support your overall health and well-being. Deal?


So I encourage you too

  1. Join me in the Flourish Academy – click here to find out more!
  2. Refuse to feel bad about the food you have eaten
  3. Love your body as it is right now even if you want it to be lighter or more like Beyonce…..
  4. What is the one thing you are going to action on? Eating breakfast? Sleep? Trying out HIIT?






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