Four Reasons You Have A Big Bloated Belly

Jan 29, 2018 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition


Sore tummies and disastrous digestion are something I see lots of with my one to one clients. And, boy, its something I know A LOT about myself. I feel like I spent the first 21 years of my life with an unruly, bloated and bizarre tummy. I couldn’t figure out what ‘set it off‘, why some days it was worse than other despite eating healthily. It was painful, embarrassing and incredibly frustrating!


And I see it with my clients ALL the time.


Once client had been constipated and bloated since they were a child and they were in their mid-thirties! Another client was similar in but it was diarrhoea and a painful tummy that had plagued her since she was young and again she was a professional women ‘bossing‘ it out in all areas fo life – except with her tummy! Often they have been told that there nothing that can be done about it so they just need to live with it. Irritable Bowel Syndrome is often the name given to it and they are given peppermint oil capsules (which rarely do anything!) and off they go on there bloated (un)merry way.


So if this resonates with you then I have got 4 possible root cause for your tummy turmoil. Because it doesn’t just ‘happen’. The body is wise and if you feel crappy then it’s for a reason.

(Psssst – it’s important that you talk to your medical practitioner about ANY digestive issues especially if it is causing you pain.)

There is something that can be done. This is not normal. Do not give up. 


4 Root Causes for Your Bloated Belly…

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These are really common and easy to pick up whilst traveling, from food poisoning or even from pets like cats. There are many different types of parasites which cause lots of inflammation within the body. They also disrupt your finely balanced digestive processes, cause joint issues, unexplained pain, fatigue, mental health issues and depression. The best way to find out if you have a parasite is a stool test or through a thorough health history assessment done by moi.


Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO)

SIBO is a bacterial infection based within your small intestine, which is a slightly more sterile environment, is high in bacteria as your large intestine (which FULL of bacteria, yeast and fungus and all sorts). This bacterial overgrowth within your small intestine causes A LOT of trouble in the form of bloating, indigestion, reflux, lots of extra gas and constipation.





A different type of gut infection

There are many different pathogens that could be causing issues. Too little bacteria or too much bacteria where it shouldn’t be can cause all kinds of digestive discomfort. Private lab testing (which I can run with clients) will highlight this but in general I find that a lack of good bacteria is just as problematic as too much of bad bacteria. Diversity is KEY for a happy flat belly!


Low or weak stomach acid

If your stomach acid is weak or there isn’t enough of it then the food you eat isn’t being digested properly and this can make you feel awful. It will make you super gassy, bloated, contribute to reflux or indigestion and funny poo’s. It can also lead to infections like those mentioned above. I have a post on this here for more info.


So there you are! And by no means is this a conclusive list, thyroid dysfunction, stress, HPA dysregulation, and food intolerance can ALL contribute to a big bloated belly. And there is often overlap – its rarely one thing. WIth most of my one to one clients it’s a case of bloating, a weird toilet habit and either low mood/anxiety or hormones imbalances.


But just know that being bloated daily is not fun and is not necessary you CAN have a happier and flatter belly, poop properly and no longer feel embarrassed by your unpredictable belly. Make sure you JOIN ME FOR THE WORKSHOP on Thursday 8th February @ 7.30pm if you want to know more as we will dive deep in the simple strategies you can do to give you big results asap.





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