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Feb 13, 2018 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition


What if I told you that there was ONE THING that you could do that would – potentially transform your health?

I know you might think ‘oh gosh Kezia going to sell me a miracle laxative tea that going to eat all my fat away’ but that’s not my style 😉
(Although I am a huge fan of tea – I am not a huge fan of the laxative kind….)

But after working with hundreds of clients, if I were, to sum up, the one thing that can make the BIGGEST difference to your hormones, belly, IBS, skin, energy and mental health it would be this:

Ask Why.

Why do you have PCOS?

Why are you super fatigued?

Why are you bloated by the end of the day?

Why are your joints sore?

Why do you ‘suddenly have food intolerances?

I believe our bodies are clever communicators – they communicate what they need from us. So if you’re bloated then there is a reason. If your thyroid is buggered – there’s an issue. If you are fatigued big style – again there is a (big ass) reason.

But the BIG issue with conventional medicine (despite all its amazing benefits – thank you NHS!!!) is that it treats the symptom, not the cause. And it will treat all your symptoms separately, meaning you’ll go to the gastroenterologist for your weird poops, the endocrinologist for your hormones and a counselor or psychiatrist for your depression. From a functional medicine perspective, they would all be seen as connected and the focus is on finding the root cause not treating the symptoms.

But what does that look like or mean? Well, let’s find out……


*WORK WITH ME* Ready to create balance hormones and a faltter happier belly? Want to feel well but have no idea why you healthy habits are helping? Come and work with me – simply book a free Clairty Call to get started and find out more



So I want to introduce you to 2 lovely ladies. These ladies are women who took the time (and sought help from me in my one to one nutrition practice) to find out their WHY in order to see BIG body and belly transformation.

Both these women got the results they wanted because they stopped approaching it from a ‘what supplement/diet will fix me‘ perspective and began to ask the question why…


Meet Claire 
(not her real name)

Claire came to me after suffering from terrible bloating, depression,  and an inability to take any supplements and fatigue.

She was a hard-working gal, newly married but really struggling even though everything in her life was ‘great’. She was tired, sore and anxious all day.

She had been on a ‘candida cleanses‘ for years (not a good idea) but had gotten nowhere and was totally confused. She ate a healthy diet but felt like she was getting worse despite being on millions of protocols she read about online…..

Claire’s root cause

She worked with me in my online one-to-one practice, we gathered data, ran some lab and we discovered the following:

  • a parasite could still be an issue so we did a specific parasite cleanse
  • she needed to stabilise her blood sugar to support her mood and energy so she started to eat more
  • she needed to stop all supplements as they were making her WORSE
  • she needed to eat more food


So we make a simple plan of what to eat and what she could do. We did a simple parasite cleanse and supported her gut and her sleep,  and her brain.

Here is what she said:
‘I’ve been feeling great since the parasite cleanses – the depression has completely gone, no low mood ever!!

She also saw her tummy improve, her energy increase, depression and bloating fade. Why? Because we got to the root cause!


Meet Sarah

Sarah was another lovely lady, hardworking in her own business and pretty healthy in that she exercises and ate an ok diet but she was not feeling healthy or good…

‘Since I was a child I always suffered with going to the toilet for a poo. I could go two weeks without going. I’m constantly in pain with my stomach, I’ve can get very hot and sweaty to the point where I nearly pass out. I’ve been back and forth to the doctor’s which this issue only to be given laxatives which never worked….”

She was mid 30’s and had literally tried everything. EVERYTHING. And was sick of the bloating pain and bowel issues…and embarrassment!

Sarah’s Root Cause

Through working together we discovered that the following were contributing to her sluggish bowels, low energy and pain:

  •  a magnesium deficiency
  •  undiscovered food intolerances
  • bacterial overgrowth in her gut and lack of ‘good’ bacteria

We put her on a 30-day healing protocol with diet, lifestyle changes and some supplementation and this is what happened:

“I’m totally blown away that I now can go to the toilet every day which I thought was impossible. No more stomach pain and my bloating has gone. This is the best thing I’ve ever done.”


And I could share TONS more stories too – a current client who has struggled to lose weight – turned out she had some metabolic issues and deep self-love issues. Or another with mental health problems, he was addicted to sugar and had other food intolerances that weren’t helping. Or another client who had struggled with diarrhea since a child and we had to do a gut cleanse protocol to re-establish the ‘good bacteria’ in her gut and now has ditched the bloat and toilet drama for good. Yay!!


When you know your root cause, you make progress with more speed and ease.

This is why my clients often make more progress in the 4 months they work with me than they have in the last 4 years!



*WORK WITH ME* Ready to create balance hormones and a faltter happier belly? Want to feel well but have no idea why you healthy habits are helping? Come and work with me – simply book a free Clairty Call to get started and find out more



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