3 Ways to Get Your Partner Onboard with your Healthy Eating Goals {Ep 22}

Jul 11, 2018 | Life, Podcast


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One of the most common complaints I hear my community make is that their partner is not very supportive. And while I this can easily be used as an excuse to play the victim (no victims here I am afraid) I know it can also be really hard if you have a whiney partner or flatmate complaining about eating broccoli or someone who just brings home Dairy Milk x4 times a week to ‘cheer you up’ when you’re actually trying to create new emotional coping strategies that don’t include Cadburys….


So this week I am chatting to my hubster of 6 years, Joe, and we are talking about how the heck you can get your partner (or family members, flatmates or friends) on board with your health aims/changes/goals.

And this is really important – choosing to create a healthy life take COURAGE. And we don’t often acknowledge it. What I talk about here is NOT normal (I hope one day it will be). Taking radical responsibility for your health for the food, you’re eating, for you’re choices is still quite a radical act. Which is why we need EN-COURAGEMENT, the gift of courage, and ideally we can find that gift in our home.

So how can we make that happen? In this episode, Joe and I talk about

  • Why envisioning your partner is important
  • The importance of sharing your WHY …not just complaining
  • Why you need to give your partner time and grace if you have a history of yo-yo dieting….as they have had to deal with your emotional breakdowns over the years!
  • The easy changes you can make without even telling them
  • The 3 actions and ways to get your partner on board ASAP


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