The 5 Pillars of Preconception Care {Ep 27}

Aug 7, 2018 | Nutrition, Podcast


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Over the past few weeks, I have had lots of people telling me they are pregnant! A lot of them being previous clients where this was a ‘goal‘ we were heading for and it made me realise two important things:

1. I love it when I get emails from clients who say they are up the duff! (I am such an elegant writer aren’t I?!)
2. I am actually super passionate about preconception care – despite the fact that is not really a ‘thing’ in our culture.

So this week on the podcast I am sharing with you my five pillars of preconception care BUT even if you’re done having babies are never planning on having them, you could also call this podcast


The 5 pillars of strong and healthy women!


Because what we are talking about here in optimising fertility and being fertile is the sign of a healthy woman – whether or not she wants to produce little sproglets. Fertility is just a sign of health – so these are great foundations for every woman who wants to feel GOOD.




 >>>>> Join the Beat the Bloat 5-Day Challenge <<<<<


In this episode I talk more about:

  • Why you shouldn’t feel guilty if you’ve NEVER done any of these things
  • Why what you put on your skin matters
  • Why its time to change your cleaning products
  • Creating healthy ‘defaults’ before getting pregnant
  • Why I believe 3-9 months of intentional preconception care can help couples avoid a LOT of fertility stress and intervention
  • Why I dislike Pregnacare supplements and think folic acid is a waste of time for most women
  • The technology I used to track and regulate my period
  • The main nutrients to get tested before conception


It’s a jam-packed episode! Make sure you share it with any friends who you think it will help



  • Here is one of the prenatals I’ve used (the other 2 I’ve used aren’t available on Amazon and are only available through my practitioner only site)
  • Join the Beat the Bloat Challenge HERE
  • Listen to Ep 07 to here why I think I got pregnant so quickly
  • The app I used to track my periods HERE


Got questions? Then let me know in the comments below



 >>>>> Join the Beat the Bloat 5-Day Challenge <<<<<





 >>>>> Join the Beat the Bloat 5-Day Challenge <<<<<





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