The ONE ‘Supplement’ Everyone Should Be Taking…. Meditation! {Ep 39}

Oct 30, 2018 | Nutrition, Podcast

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This week I am talking about something that I have found to be incredibly helpful for my health but also SO HARD to implement.  Meditation was something I implemented after reading so much about the benefits and learning that my adrenals were ‘shot’ and I needed to support my nervous system. But it has taken me time to get to grips with it.


In this episode, I  share with you the in and out’s to meditation. It is also a super PRACTICAL no-nonsense approach. And trust me, your body, your hormones, your digestion, your skin and your energy will thank you for implementing this practice.


I also included a FREE 3 min meditation at the end of the podcast to wet your appetite!

Enjoy 😉

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