Thrush: What to do about it & why it’s not ‘normal’ {Ep 96}

Feb 4, 2020 | Nutrition, Podcast


It’s totally common, right? Everyone seems to have tubes of Canesten somewhere at the back of there bathroom cabinet because thrush seems to just be part and parcel of being a woman (although men get it too of course!).

But what if I were to stay that whilst getting thrush regularly might be common – it’s not normal. Meaning its not the sign of a healthy gut  (or skin) microbiome if its something you regularly struggle with.

So what’s a gal to do about it? Well, that is exactly what I talk about in today’s episode where I talk all things thrush! Enjoy 😉


And if you are fed up of being tired, bloated, with wonky digestion (or thrush that is literally very irritating!) then find out more about working with me here and book in your free call so we can chat things through.


Resources Mentioned

  • The probiotic I mentioned – click here
  • Get some low sugar recipes here
  • Find out more about the Flourish Academy here
  • Join the free Facebook community for monthly workshops and training here












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