Do you know the extent of the problem? (And I am NOT talking about your bloating or hormones for once!) {EP 254}

May 17, 2023 | Podcast


This episode is something that doesn’t get talked about often yet it will be impacting your hormones, belly, relationship with food, energy, sleep and health overall. It will be impacting how you treat your body, how you eat and how kind you are to yourself. And if you struggle with staying ‘motivated’ then its probably because you need to have a kinder more compassionate approach

(I explain this more in the episode!)

Because when it comes to your body and your symptoms – CONTEXT is key.

Or said another way – the ecosystem you have come from, grown up in, and been a part of MATTERS. It impacts your hormones, your gut, your relationship with food, your weight and your health behaviours.

And THAT is what I am addressing in this week’s podcast.


What is going on? What do your symtpoms mean? Where do you begin? Find out what is going on in your body and do the Gut Goddess Quiz

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