The 3 F’s to Feel Good: Food, Feelings & Function (Ep 261)

Aug 30, 2023 | Podcast

What are the foundations of feeling good?

What are the foundations for pain-free regular periods, a flatter bloat-free belly, a healthy body composition and body fat %, happy joints, quality sleep, and glowy skin?

Where do you even begin?

Well in this week’s podcast, I want to introduce to you the 3 F’s for Feeling Good – my unique, holistic & science-based methodology that will help you feel good – fast!

After working with clients for years and lots of learning the following 3 areas are key to seeing lasting, big and sustainable changes (at an accelerated pace!)

– Food – because food IS medicine
– Feelings – how you feel and your nervous system is crucial to your healing, joy and health
– Function – how is your body functioning and a whole person holistic functional medicine approach (like for example the lab test I run are not diagnostic in any way but they do give us a picture of how your body is functioning – even if everything is ‘fine’)


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