You have so many more options than you realise! (MINI 15)

Sep 6, 2023 | Podcast

This Mini Episode is a heartfelt message to remind you how powerful you are and that there is so much you can do to feel better.

I chat to people and they and through no fault of their own (no shame in this at all) but they literally did not know that they do not have to have awful periods, that they could get rid of their IBS, that joint pain could be a thing of the past, or that they could stop with the constant constipation or the loose horrible bowels or that their gallbladder issues or endometriosis could be helped.

When I’m talking about these things, I never mean ‘my way is better than surgery or my way is better than conventional medicine’ – I mean that people don’t realize the breadth of what tools are available for them in order to heal and feel better so that they can wake up and enjoy being in their body.


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Dieting since childhood? This is how to break the cycle (Ep 273)

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