Sugar dims your light – The how and the why of ditching sugar (Ep 279)

Jan 17, 2024 | Podcast

In this episode, we’re talking about sugar and how sugar dims your light plus the how and the why of ditching sugar because I would call reducing and removing refined sugar a foundational basic step one and it’s easy especially at this time of year (after Christmas) It is easy for this to kind of go dry and for us to lose sight of this so I’m going to share some of the geeky facts around this and inspire you and re-envision your thoughts around this basic area.

It’s really simple, but the impact that it can have can be really profound. If you can have a healthy relationship with sugar, if you can, take the power back when it comes to your relationship with sugar or said another way in a more practical way: You can just remove refined sugars and refined carbohydrates or reducing them can have a profound impact on your mental health, hormonal health, belly and your joy and pleasure in the world.

This isn’t about restriction and deprivation and removing food for the sake of being better, deprived and being miserable. This is actually about you feeling really good, feeling your happiest and most joyful and being the most resilient and energised version of yourself.

A lot of refined sugar and excess refined carbohydrate is going to dim your light and it’s going to make you feel crap.

You might need to hit the reset button when it comes to your sugar intake or maybe you’ve never really addressed this area because it just feels so big and overwhelming.

I’m going to break it down into the how and the why.

Let’s dive in!


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