Why do you have awful PMS? (Ep 290)

Apr 3, 2024 | Podcast

Why do you have awful PMS? Why the low mood, sore boobs, insomnia? Why do you feel like crying all the time? Why do you get really anxious or depressed? What is with PMS? Is it a normal part of being a woman or is there stuff you can do about it?

Spoiler alert… There is definitely stuff you can do about it and I’m going to share the things that you can do because your periods and hormones are actually meant to be an incredible superpower. They’re not meant to be this thing that limit you, hold you back, that you hate and make your life miserable.

You’re not meant to be on this hormonal rollercoaster that you don’t feel in control of. Your hormones are here to serve you, to add to your life and not take away.

I’ve worked with clients on their periods and hormones and I, myself have been on a rollercoaster with heavy, painful periods where I needed to be medicated for at least 3 days, just to make it through.

While it’s normal to have fluctuating hormones, it’s not normal to feel like you are being tossed around with every part of your cycle.


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