Pressure to be thin vs finding a healthy body size for you. (Ep 291)

Apr 10, 2024 | Nutrition

The pressure to be thin, this is finding a healthy body size for you – That’s what we’re looking at in this episode.

We need to do a lot of untangling around this. For most of you listening to this, you’ll have grown up heavily brainwashed by dieting culture, and the idea that thin is best, most beautiful, most worthy, it’s the goal.

But this is actually about being well, finding a healthy body size, being healthy and well in our bodies, and that might look different for all of us. – You can be thin and incredibly unhealthy, you can be thin and incredibly healthy, you can have a larger body and be incredibly healthy, you can have a larger body and not be healthy for you.

So, how do we untangle? How do you know, if actually you do need to shift some body fat and are thinking ‘Maybe that would help my hormones and my joints to my back and my autoimmune issue’ versus ‘I’ve just been brainwashed into thinking thin is best’.

It can feel really murky and messy. This is quite a bit of a vulnerable episode for me because I still feel this now. I still feel this pressure to be thin especially as a Holistic Nutritionist – being in the nutrition and wellness space, if I’m not careful I can feel these different comparisons and little threads and whispers in my brain that I should be thinner. Which is total BS.

So, we can live in this murky place. Do I need to lose weight? Do I want to lose weight? Is that just dieting mentality? Is that actually true? Will this actually help me? It can all just all feel very overwhelming and a bit messy.

So, in this episode, we’re addressing decades of dieting indoctrination and how you can find a healthy body size for you.

Also, if you want to know more about this, I’m doing 3 workshops starting at the end of April to help you kick-start feeling well. To kick-start your hormone balance and your healthy belly and get help you get rid of IBS and help you sort out your body composition.

One of the workshops is going to be diving into body composition a little bit more because I actually have a lot, I have a very unique approach to body composition.

I have a lot of tools, a lot of strategies, and a lot of practical actions that can help, but I do think this is an important area that doesn’t get talked about and I want to start talking about it. I want you to be free and well in your body and that might mean for some of you shifting your body fat and for some of you that might mean accepting where you are at and I want to help you with both.

You can find out all about the workshops here.


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