The Flat Belly Solution Sessions

Maybe you’ve tried EVERYTHING – but you are still stuck with the daily bloat.


And it’s not just your tummy it’s your energy, your toilet habits (!!) and your confidence.


Gurgling stomach, smelly farts, low energy, weird hormones and more bulge then you would like….



I’ve been there and done that. I struggled with IBS and chronic diarrhea (then constipation) for years. I was stuck on the loo, depressed and about as confident as a bin bag.


Then I did something wild. I got to the bottom of it (pun intended). I discovered WHY it was happening – then took super targeted action steps and BOOM – I had found my flat belly solution!


And I want to help you find yours.


For February only I am offering The Flat Belly Solution Sessions for just

>>    £50    <<

(instead of £175 – save £125!! )


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Hurry offer ends 23rd February and spaces are limited!



This hour consultation (RRP £175) will involve:

1. What could REALLY with going with your belly/health

2. What ONE supplement could be helpful (if any)

3. What TWO actions will help you get to your belly bliss (dietary & lifestyle changes)



What will I get from the sessions?

  • a flatter (and happier) belly
  • better energy
  • no more embarrassment about excess wind
  • knowing that you are not crazy – the real reasons for you health issues will be explained 
  • no more stress around eating out or knowing what to eat
  • clarity and no more overwhelm
  • how to get over that weight loss plateau
  • healthy eating made effortless and debunked
  • clarity around how to eat to support ANY health issue


All for just £50
(instead of £175).


 Call me mad or swept up in the month of LOVE, but I am offering limited spaces for these sessions to you. You have until 23rd February to book yours – but hurry its first come first serve.


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(Spaces are limited. Offer ends 23rd February)



  • The consultation can take place over the phone or Skype and based on UK time.
  • After payment via paypal (you dont need a Paypal account) I will send you an email within 24 hours on how to book your session.
  • You don’t need to bring anything with you – I will outline the structure once we get on the call. Just expect UTTER transformation.



Ready to wave bye-bye to you poor energy, bloated belly, weird toilet habits for GOOD? Then your consultation in below

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(Spaces are limited. Offer ends 23rd February)


Who with?

Me – Kezia Hall – a holistic health coach, functional medicine geek and ‘gut goddess’. I help women in my one to one practice to overcome their annoying and embarrassing symptoms. Over my one to one programs I work with women closely to uncover their root cause and create one happier flatter belly!





What people say who work with me…


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(Spaces are limited. Offer ends 23rd February)