The F.A.S.T Belly Method BONUS – Pt 2

Jul 13, 2021 | Podcast

Have you have ever googled a specific health issue or goal then you will know the confusion that follows.

Maybe you have tried the various things – intermittent fasting, juicing, smoothies, supplements, HIIT training, calories counting app, slimming clubs, meal replacements….but are STILL STRUGGLING. Still have rubbish energy, a big bloated belly, and more weight than you would like.

You still feel foggy, tired, low, and fed up. But it is not for your lack of trying – yet you end up disheartened by your lack of progress and are totally confused about what to do. What to focus on that will help you move the needle.

That is why I have created my F.A.S.T Belly Method – a framework to help you get clear on what action you need to take to sort out your belly and feel good FAST.

And this podcast is PART 2 of introducing this holistic, evidence-based approach that works wonders for myself and my clients.


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Resources Mentioned

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