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Stop feeling overwhelmed – get some CLARITY around your health!

Want to know what is going on with your health and body?

Why it is that you feel so tired/bloated/constipated/crap?

Maybe you’ve tried EVERYTHING – but you are left feeling stuck with a gurgling stomach, smelly farts, low energy, weird hormones and more bulge then you would like….


Then book in for your 30 minute Clarity Call below and we can get to the bottom of why you free so crap!



If you’re ready to get a fresh perspective on why you feel the you feel and what on earth you can do about it then make sure you book yourself a holistic assessment. During these session I will not only assess your current symptoms but all historical and lifestyle factors and give guidance on what could help you to feel better – ASAP.


In the Health Assessment we will cover:

  • how your health history could have contributed to how you feel
  • what could be at the root cause of you health issues
  • what tests might be useful to run
  • simple action steps to help you feel more awesome


All assessments take place over the phone and can be booked below. 


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Who am I?

Me – Kezia Hall – a holistic health coach, functional medicine geek and ‘gut goddess’. I have worked with many women in my virtual one to one nutrition practice to overcome their annoying and embarrassing symptoms. Over my one to one programs I work with women closely to uncover their root cause and create one happier flatter belly!






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A Few Client Testimonials:







“I was mainly feeling tired, low in energy and wanted to learn how to detox from the pill, settle my hormones and reduce my chances of getting more (ovarian)cysts.
Now, I have much more energy, I don’t have drops in my blood sugar anymore and therefore don’t need to snack in between meals…. I am making a more conscious effort to think about what I’m eating, making healthier choices and trying to get a decent amount of sleep each night as it makes a huge difference. 
Holly Watson – Personal Assistant & Designer



l was suffering from nausea and indigestion which at it’s worst stopped me eating much for almost a week, and I seemed to be permanently bloated. I also had bad skin, PCOS and hormones all over the place …..
Without Kezia I would still be stuck with miserable digestion, missing out on eating so many wonderful foods and potentially making things worse by trying to figure it out myself.”
Kirsten Moore – Previous Client



Since starting with Kezia, I’ve noticed major improvements in my skin, hair and nails. So have other people, so this is a delight. I notice that I am sleeping better and that I have more energy for all the active things I enjoy doing.
One major breakthrough is that I am listening to my body more. I’m no longer comfort eating, and if I feel snackie, I’m able to take a few moments and identify if I’m bored, stressed, lonely or actually hungry. If I’m hungry then I’ll have a small snack, and if not then I won’t!
Initially I though it was an extravagance finance wise, that buying extra healthy ingredients was already increasing our food bills each week, let alone paying someone to ‘tell me what to eat’. HOWEVER, it has made such a difference to the whole family that we are in agreement that it was worth every penny.
 I liked the whole person approach she took, and it made me laugh that we could easily discuss poo in one sentence and then work stress or activities in the next. Kezia was a comfortable and easy person to discuss personal issues with.
The one to one service has transformed our whole approach to food. “
Nicola Finch – Mum – Teacher