DIY Beauty: Silky Soft Skin Scrub

Sep 11, 2013 | Beauty & Skin

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Today I am going to share with you another DIY Beauty: Silky Soft Skin Scrub recipe. My previous Coffee Morning Scrub recipe is still totally divine and a brilliant way to get baby soft, cellulite free thighs, but many of you either


a. Hate coffee
b. Don’t drink coffee often enough to have left over grains.
c. Cautious regarding caffeine entering the skin.


So today I will show you the easiest way to create your own ‘coffee free’ shower scrub that will not only leave your skin silky soft, but will cleanse away any impurities and promote younger, healthier looking skin. (Your welcome).

Exfoliating is an essential part of skin care. As it gets rid of dead, old, useless skin cells that may clog up pores and reveals new, shiny, glowing skin. It speeds up the skin renewal process therefore allowing healthier younger skin cells to grow.


Another benefit is that this is a super moisturising scrub so your can save time by exfoliating and moisturising all in one go. Who said natural skin care was time consuming? Not me!


It worth noting that again not all salt in created equal. As per usual it is all about the quality of salt that you use, as rock or natural sea salt tend to be filled with amazing minerals (like magnesium) that are lost in the processing of table salt. Table salt also tend to be filled with additives, so as a rule of thumb buy the best salt you can afford and make sure the ingredients have one thing written on it – salt.


This scrub is also super economical. All the ingredients are easy to come by and this is perhaps the easiest and quickest beauty product you can make EVER! It makes a wonderful birthday present or baby shower gift and for all you super organised Christmas present people this can be made in advance and stored for a long time as salt is an awesome preservative.


Ingredients to Kezia’s Silky Soft Skin Scrub


  •  200g Sea Salt . Choose a fine one if possible or if you can only get hold of coarse salt just whiz it up in you food processor. In these images below shown I used 200g as that was what filled half of my chosen container.
  • 200ml Olive oil . Use the best you can afford ie – cold pressed. But bog standard oil is also fine too.
  • 6-8 drops Tea Tree Oil . This is normally available in health food shops and some pharmacies. Don’t put this directly on your skin – it can irritate.
  • 10 drops of Lemon Oil . Or to your preference . This is totally optional but just gives the scrub a lemony zing

Just slightly alter the quantities depending on your container. It doesn’t need to be an exact science. a lot of this depends on your preference.


  • The easiest and most mess free option is to get the container you wish to use for your scrub and mix it all in that.
  • Fill you tub half full with the salt (in my container this worked out at 200g) then pour the oil over the salt until you are about inch from the top.
  • Grab a teaspoon and mix the oil and salt thoroughly, make sure all the salt is soaked in oil.
  • Then all the essential oils – if you are using less salt and oil and making a smaller pot then use less tea tree and it can irritant your skin if not diluted enough.
  • Then just give it a mix and seal your pot.
  • Use in the shower a few times a week to ensure healthy happy skin!


  • This will separate when left unattended so shake before using.
  • Make sure the salt is always fully covered by the oil. Top up if necessary.
  • I would not recommend this for your face if you sensitive skin as it too coarse, also do not use on any open skin as it will sting a lot!
  • Feel free to add any other nice smelling oils you like – I just happen to like lemon in the morning.
  • Although this is 100% natural best keep out of reach of children because if they eat it  then you are going to have some awful nappies!
  • Rinse you bath/shower after using.
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