My Favourite Homemade Gift Ideas {Recipes Included}

Nov 28, 2017 | Home, Life


Every year I always try to make some of my Christmas gifts from scratch. I know it’s old school but there is something so lovely about receiving a handcrafted gift isn’t there?


It can be cheaper, higher quality and when it comes to food and beauty, means it’s 100% natural and awesome. Plus you don’t need to be slaving for hours making and rolling hundreds of truffles or faffing around with bath bombs (tried that a few years ago and whilst it was fun, it was super time-consuming and a bit of a disaster!)


So today I am going to share 10 ideas of fun thing that you can make people to save you money and spread some healthy festive love because as much as I love Amazon it’s not all that festive to just buy a bunch of random stuff off someone’s wish list  is it….


Also if you save some money on buying presents then why not that money away to a charity who will use it readily this Christmas. I used to work for several charities and extra donations at Christmas made a big difference in whether we could buy Christmas trees, provide a Christmas dinner or gifts for those using the service and pay staff over the holidays. I give a portion of my profits here from the business every month to causes I believe in (find out here) and I would wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same.


Tips for DIY gift making

It’s ALL about presentation when it comes to DIY gifts, so before you decide on what to make here are some top tips to make them look fabulous not homemade:

  • Bulk buy some kilner jars – Ikea does a great selection and are the cheapest I have found.
  • Use some lovely ribbon – this can make a recycle jar suddenly into something exciting!
  • Get a stamp and make simple labels – a invested in a festive stamp a few years ago and now I just stamp some brown card and boom labels are done.


So here are my top 10 gifts to makes and some of what I will be making this year (avert your eyes family and friends…)



1. Cookie Mix in a Jar

Simply take my spiced cookies recipe, and place all the dry ingredients (swap the 4 tbsp of raw honey for 6 tbsp coconut sugar as that is ‘dryer’) in a jar topped with the said amount of chocolate and write/print out the recipe and wet ingredients (butter) . Boom cookies in a flash! (You could also do this with other recipes too!)
Make them for them instead and simply wrap up in a ribbon or place in jar!


2.Cashew & Chocolate Truffles

Another recipe from my Eat & Be Merry eBook – super simple to make with zero faff. Get the recipe here.


3. Lemon Body Scrub

Simply get the ingredients and mix together, ideally in the jar you are going to gift it in. Feel free to use any other essential oil like lavender or peppermint and to use other oils like almond oil for added vitamin E but I tend to use olive oil as it’s so handy and super moisturising.


4. Vanilla Sugar Scrub

I love my scrubs as you can tell, but who doesn’t want silky soft skin this Christmas? Like the lemon scrub simply make in a jar and tell people to mix before use and to use 1-2 a week on their body.





5. Homemade Organic Whipped Moisturiser

Tip for making DIY gifts sound fancier, call them organic:) Although obviously only if you’re using organic ingredients…

This is my daily moisturiser and can be used on face and/or body and scented with any oil you fancy. I get my coconut oil either online or from Aldi and as long as you dont heat this up and let it melt it stays in a lovely whipped luxurious form that make the skin silky smooth!


6. Chilli Olive Oil

I love pouring chili oil over pizza – so good! And I am sure I am not alone so grab a glass bottle, shove some 3 crushed garlic cloves, about 4-5 hot red chillies  that you have split in 2 in the bottom, fill up with at least 300ml of olive oil and leave for at least 2 least ideally longer. Boom – simple.

Not a chilli fan? Then stuff it with fresh herbs and garlic and pepper corns.


7. Bath Detox Blend

Can’t be arsed making a bath bomb? Grab a  jar and fill it 30% bicarbonate of soda, 50% magnesium flakes, 10% oats (yes normal oats), 10% dried rose petals for a chilled detox bath salt. Shake the jar until mixed thoroughly. 

Or said in another way grab the jar you want to gift it in.

  • Fill 1/3 of it with bicarb, then place it in a mixing bowl.
  • Fill 1/2 of the jar with epsom salts, pour that into mixing bowl.
  • Fill the jar 1/10 with oats and then again with the rose petal.
  • Pour into mixing bowl and mix, then pour everything back into the jar well distributed and ready to go!

To use:

  • Place 2-3 tbsp or one handful in a hot bath. And it can help with muscle aches, sleep, detoxification and keep skin soft!
  • You could ‘pimp’ this gift up by also giving a bottle of lavender essential oil to aid in relaxation

I love this blend and use it ALL the time and can really benefits your health.


8. Raw Dark & White Chocolates

Why not fill a bag or jar with some yummy and SUPER simple raw chocolates. Get the recipe in my ebook and you can simply add any other flavours you want. I tend to do a sea salt one and a chilli one.


9. Hot Chocolate Mix

Make up this easy instant hot chocolate mix and plonk it in a jar and give to your friends.

This honestly takes about 10 minutes and I was surprised at how many people loved this! If you were going to make it really luxurious then you could grate dark chocolate and vanilla powder into the mixture too but to be honest I can never be arsed to do this as it tastes great anyway.


10. Jars of Almond Butter

I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like almond butter. It’s the healthier tastier version of peanut butter and often very expensive to buy (and not as tasty in my opinion). I give this recipe as part of the Flourish Academy but basically, you just place almonds in a food processor for about 10 mins, add some sea salt and any other flavours like cinnamon or vanilla powders. And boom after 10 minutes it becomes running and nut butter like.

People love getting little jars of almond butter – especially if they are foodies or peanut butter fans. And to pimp up this gift you could give some raw chocolate with it too, as raw chocoalte dipped in almond butter is the best thing EVER!



Ingredients I use

  • Epsom salts and rose petals for detox bath blend
  • Cacao butter for raw chocolates 
  • Vanilla powder for multiple recipes
  • I use Doterra or Young Living oils but I also use these which you can buy simply online and I find then still effective.
  • I buy my almond in bulk from places like Aldi or Sainsbury is it the cheapest palce I have found.


And when it comes to homemade gifts it’s all about presentation, clean jars, ribbon, tags and lovely messages.


But tell me what are your favourite homemade gift ideas?


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  1. Just wondered if you’d tried the oils at Fushi? I like doTerra as a brand but they’re not the easiest to get hold of in the UK and quite expensive – I assume due to importing. These sound similar but UK based brand. Not yet tried them though…


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