10 Ways to Get Fit and Sweaty in 25 Minutes or Less.

Nov 27, 2013 | Exercise

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We all know that moving our bodies and getting a bit sweaty is good for us but why don’t we do it? The most common reason is due to a lack of time. 

Now time is a resource that we all get the same amount of, so why do some people fit in exercise and some not? It is all about priorities, if you think moving your body is important you will make time for it, schedule it in and make sure you give some attention to it each day/week. So even though I am about to give you  some awesome tips on how to fit quality exercise in short periods of time, you will still find giving 25 minutes hard to devote to exercise if you have not chosen to make your health, and your body a priority.

I realised a while ago that my body is the only one i’ve got so my health, increasing healing and body are a priority to me. But due to juggling a start up business a part time job along, an arts practice (I have an exhibition in January!) plus other life things I don’t have hours a day to devote to exercise. So I try to fit in 30 min vigorous exercise 5 days a week and ideally a longer fun session at the weekend, like going up mountains (my butt is still sore from the one we walked up on Saturday) or enjoying a long run/cycle.

Keeping active is possible when you live a busy life – here is how:

  1. 30 Day Shred. This is a brilliant interval and intense 20-25 min workout that will get you sweaty and sore and it comes in 3 levels so ideal for beginners.
  2. Get Ripped in 30. This is similar to the above but more intense and longer 25mins. It has 4 different ability levels and will leave you aching for sure!
  3. Run  with Intervals. Due  to some back problems and the fact that  spending time building muscle is more effective, I no longer run for hours like I used only for about 25mins. But make sure I do 2-3 set of push up, jumping squats,jumping lunges, tricep dips and plank holds throughout. Also I tend to run up stuff to get my heart rate up quickly.
  4. Pilates. Core strength is so important for over health sand there are so many 25 min pilates workout on you you tube that you can choose from, just look here. (POP pilates is hard and a good work out but you do have to endure the cheesiness of it all).
  5. Do your own circuits. Get a stopwatch and decide on 4 exercises (burpees, squats, push ups, pull up, crunches, tricep dips, lunges, jumping twist – dancing , anything!) and then spend 30 seconds doing each exercise with all you have in you, as fast, hard or quick as your can, then rest for 10 seconds then move onto next exercise. Repeat  for each of you 4 chosen exercises then rest for a minute before beginning the circuit again. Do this 4 times and you will be sweaty and knackered! 
  6. Walk really fast. Simple but effective , swing your arms excessively and gently hold in your tummy and walk as fast as you are physically able!
  7. Get a bike and cycle to work/shops/friends instead of public transport , its often cheaper and quicker!
  8. Get some weights and lift them. Kettle bells are great ways to lift weight that aren’t bulky to keep around the house! This is a good beginner video – why not ask for some of your Christmas list!
  9. Get Skipping. Have a garage, garden or large ceilings? The skipping is a brilliant way to get exercise int that helps tone your core and strengthen your arms. Make sure you mix it up and do cross overs, squats and more and I recommend a leather rope as they are less likely to snap on you (been there done that…)
  10. Burpees and Push Ups. Want to knacker your self out as simply as possible? Do 30 sec of burpees (if you have  no idea what one is) rest for 10 seconds then do 30 seconds of push ups and just repeat until you want to die!

So make sure you look after your body. Its wonderful, unique and very powerful. You can produce babies with your body (if female), do radical acts of kindness with your body, change politics with your body and so much more! Looking after your body means you can pursue your dreams with all the energy and force you need – so lets get fit and change the world!

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