8 Ways to Get Healthy & Shed Fat

Jan 13, 2014 | Nutrition, Weight Loss


January is the month when people realise :

A. They have put on a stone over Christmas

B. Still have the stone they put on from 2 Christmas’s ago.

C. They can no long live off microwave/ takeaway food and should eat vegetables.

I have to say I am all for a January spring cleaning and cleansing. There is something about the festive season and staring into a whole new year that makes you want to become a health god/goddess.

Yet the shops are currently promoting weird weight loss teas, crazy pasta and juice/tonic mixes to help you detox. Gyms are offering wonderfully cheap memberships and traditional slimming clubs gather more followers and fellow point/syns counters and it seem everyone goes a bit bonkers in January!

Why? Because we all want to be healthy. We all want to be energised, slim, and great, but often what we don’t realise that this comes not by faddy diets, clubs or shakes, but my making sustainable and lasting changes to our everyday lifestyle. We need to learn to listen to our bodies and respond to what it needs. Maybe you need earlier nights, more vegetables,  to exercise more or (controversially) less? Listen to you gut feeling and intuition and I have found them to be brilliant guides. 

So folks ditch the diets, the faddy habits and the ‘one off’ health attempts. It’s time to get healthy for LIFE and here are my top tips on how to do it:

  1. Ditch processed food. Avoid food that has 5 or more ingredients, has words you can’t pronounce or think should only be used by dentists.
  2. Move. Don’t run if you hate running. Don’t join a gym and think you will suddenly start to love  it if you have always loathed it. Find a way do moving that you love. This could be walking, dancing, exercise DVDs , gym classes, gyms, team sports – anything. Just make sure you enjoy it and get sweaty.
  3. Love juices and smoothies. Aim for one a day of either of these and make sure it contains vegetables, put as much in so you can handle. Read this for more on juicing and here is a great smoothie to kick start you!
  4. Detox. I believe detoxing can be a brilliant tool in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Its not just for January but for incorporating into you entire year. I am not talking about some faddy thing (read my in depth article on detoxing here) but when done with the right mindset and attitude it can do wonders for your body. I did one last week of mostly soups, green smoothies and eggs for a few days and felt so energised by the end of it.  Well, I did after getting over the caffeine ‘hangover’  ( from cutting out caffeine) that came from too much festive coffee/cocoa drinking:) But why not try a day/2 day/week of detoxing, just remember to make it sustainable, to listen to your body and be realistic.
    early bird-NS
  5. Take action. If you need to lose weight then why not join my Naturally Slim program for lasting weight loss and health? Sign up before 25th January and pay no joining fee! Or make use of my introductory one2one coaching offer and get a coaching session with a nutritional expert ( that’s me by the way) for only £25! Bargain, but beware this special price won’t last forever. (Find out more about Nutrition and Wellbeing coaching here).
  6. Probiotics . Yes I harp on about these more than a mouse does about cheese, but honestly you need probiotics in your life. Whether you are constipated ( if so read this too), got IBS, low in energy or struggling to lose weight start taking a good quality supplement (My house hold uses the ones below) and read this article on how to get more probiotics in your life.
  7. Go nuts for coconut. Read this article for why they are so good for you and why not invest in some coconut oil to boost metabolism and give you body all the wonderful fats it needs to be strong, slim and healthy. ( I eat loads on fat every day and am the slimmest I’ve been, with no extra effort from myself ! ) 
  8. Switch your treats. Maybe you are a Cadbury’s fruit and nut person. Maybe you love cake? Fear not you can still be healthy and enjoy sweet treat, just switch them for naturally healthy ones. Click on the images below for some yummy treats! And check out the new snacks+treat section on the menu bar on the right (under recipes). Get wise, not deprived!

Got questions? Leave me a comment at bottom of page.

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