vBlog: One Year of no Sugar, Grains, Pulses, Potatoes, Caffeine and Packaged Foods, aka The GAPS Diet.

Jan 20, 2014 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition

Here is a mini review of my year of the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet. Want to know what a year of no sugar, grains, processed foods, caffeine or potatoes!

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What is GAPS Diet + should you do it?

10 Tips for GAPS on a Budget

GAPS Intro Smoothie

A day on the GAPS intro

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The beliefs that are holding you back (Ep 299)

The beliefs that are holding you back (Ep 299)

In this episode, we are looking at beliefs because as a Nutritionist and Coach, I've worked with loads of people over the years and I spend the majority of my time with clients looking at what actions they can take, what tweaks can we make, what habits can we shift,...


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