vBlog: February's Dreams, Goals + Holistic Thinking

Feb 3, 2014 | Life


Above is a wee video (well 8 mins is not that wee!) about the importance of dreaming, goal setting and holistic thinking. Want to see increased health in your life ? Then watch this video where I share with you how to coach yourself to living your dreams!

My Monthly Meditation (what I will be dwelling on this month in my times with God) =  Nothing is Impossible

January’s Goals

  • Spend time laughing every day but whatever means possible. Still working on this but enjoying it!
  • Enjoy and complete a 2 week cleanse/detox. Managed about 5 day of intense detox and a week of relaxed detox. Felt great for it!
  • Install my pull up bar. Not done this.
  • Launch my Naturally Slim Program (yay!). Yes and its going well!
  • Book to go to Northern Ireland to see one of my preggers best friend. Dates tbc but conversation has been had!
  • End GAPS diet and introduce more sweet potato (so excited about this!). Watch this video for a review and sweet potatoes have been an exciting addition

February’s Goals

  • Install pull up bar
  • Read a fiction book.
  • Release a free ebook.
  • Do my physio’s exercises to keep getting strong.
  • Book a weekend away with Christmas money
  • Naturally balance my hormones (begin to this will take longer than a month!).

What are your dreams and goals for February?

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  1. Brilliant post Sheena! I listened to your vblog in the car on my way home this afternoon. Brilliant goals and you’ve made a good start so wishing you lots of luck with keeping it going 🙂

    I’m working on a free e-book too – quite daunting but will be fab I’m sure x

    • It is daunting writing an ebook but totally worth it. Is it out yet?


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