Transform Your Health with 40 Day of Thankfulness

Mar 19, 2014 | Life, Spirit & Soul

40 days thankfulness

So I thought it was time for some non-food chat.

I am a massive foodie but a healthy happy life is so much more than food and exercise. Sure those things are important but as I see the world through holistic (and often alternative ) eyes. I see health in the big messy web of our emotion, mindsets, working hours, family, relationships, spirituality, speech and sleep. You see you can be eating the right stuff and have a gym membership but still not feel content or well.

Obviously there are many reasons for this but I believe that in our British complaining and moaning culture – a lack of thankfulness has a lot to do with it.

Being thankful is to notice, to see the positive, to dwell on the good, to give gratitude, to humbly say/think ‘I received something good from you’.
Its powerful stuff.
Our minds so often want to dwell onto the negative, on the traffic lights turning red, the fact we ‘have to go’ to work (which by the way is always your choice – you choose your job no one else does that for you!), the fact the oven is broken or  that we need to lose a few pounds. But where does that get you? Full of hope and strength for the day?? No it leaves you feel sorry for yourself and worse, your left feeling like a victim, like you are powerless in this world which is one big fat LIE.

I believe we are made by a loving God as AWESOME, not as feeble victims of life difficulties! Plus you will always struggle to lose weight and eat well if you are always thinking and affirming beliefs that you have no power in life. Then it also always becomes someone or some circumstances else’s fault for your food/lifestyle choices.

So over the next 40 days I am choosing to pick something new each day to be thankful for . Lots of people are doing it right now (I was inspired by my good friends – thank you Becky Ross and Karen Carr!) and it really easy and fun to do! So why not start tomorrow, set a reminder on your phone and each day tweet (#40daysthankfulness), or post something you are thankful for and watch your health improve. Honestly try it – you’ve got nothing to lose!

So Today: I am thankful for butternut squashes as they make great soup, chips, are orange and have a wonderfully hilarious shape!

As always thank you for reading and if you like what your read please share it with your friends  because you can help influence this WORLD and join me in making it a super  naturally healthy place! #powerfulpeople

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