vBlog: Why You Need to be Avoiding 'Gluten Free Foods'

May 26, 2014 | Healing & Herbs, Nutrition

After asking for gluten free meals on all my  recent flights I faced the startling reality again of what some gluten free foods can be like and why often they are not healthy. After nearly knocking my husband out with the gluten free bread I was given to go with the ‘gluten free’ vegetable spread, I managed to gnaw away at some ( I was really hungry and eaten all my grain free snacks)  but felt far worse for it!

Although lots of people eat gluten free food to avoid a genuine allergic reaction, many people are on the gluten free bandwagon as they think gluten free labelled food is healthier. I am afraid that after watching this video you may need to think again…


So if you getting your gluten free groove on (I think everyone would benefit from less or no gluten in their diets!) they PLEASE go for natural, unprocessed alternatives! There is so much naturally gluten free food out there that there is not need to risk knocking your loved ones out by throwing gluten free bread at them. 

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Part two: Wheat free / Gluten free – whats the difference?

Do you feel better for not eating gluten? 

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  1. Very well said! I am generally gluten free, and do feel better from it – but I do believe this is 90% because of the types of foods I am now avoiding. So, just by removing the foods you mention (whether they have been gluten-freed or not!) I think I’ve improved my health. Importantly, I don’t miss those foods! Most of my diet is made from all my favourite things: veggies and animal products.

    • Thanks cat! Often people focus on what you can’t eat when you go gluten free when there is actually tons of amazing stuff out there without gluten, like lots go veggie goodness!


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