4 Ways to Get Fit & Strong Without Leaving Your House

Aug 23, 2014 | Exercise

moving  copyCan’t be bother to go to a gym or even leave the house but want to get honed and toned? I love a good home workout, rolling out of bed and getting some good exercise done before I have even come round is very appealing to me. Plus it kicks the lie in the butt that you need to be a member of a fancy gym or own expensive equipment to get fit and be strong. 

So are some of my favourite ways to get sweaty in whilst at home ( without getting x-rated of course!)

(All the images of courtesy of Pinterest , I have a Sweaty Fun board where I get most of my exercise inspiration!)

1. The Ab Killer!
I tried this the other week and it was pretty killer! Its really important to do what you can when working the core so for example I do the side plank rows on my knee as it too much for my back  to do it as a full side plank.


0f5d6e08a855ed82e39511d6594260792. The Shred.
I love Jillian Micheals she gets you ass in shape without being too annoying. Plus its about 25 minutes 


3. Just you and a chair. Simple but effective. 
(Make sure you work each side/leg evenly)514ef74c13e63975cfa1f6249e5aa9bd

4. The funnest way to get fit.
Now this one is not only good for your abs but it HAS to make you chuckle too just click below to discover my new fitness weapon (and steal one from a child near by!

 My secret get fit weapon! 

What are your secret home work out weapons??

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  1. This just shows that you really don’t need a gym to get fit.

    • Not at all! Just some motivation:)


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