Demystifying Raw Cacao: What is is & Why its Good for You

Aug 26, 2014 | Nutrition

This video is all about chocolate – whats more to love! 

 Further Reading/Recipes

Salted Superfood Chocolate Bites recipe

Why Magnesium is good for you

What I have used/buy 


The Magic of Super Foods book by Peter and Beryn Daniel

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The beliefs that are holding you back (Ep 299)

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  1. Just found your blog and youtube channel and I’m in love! I couldn’t agree more about raw cocoa and who can live without chocolate anyway?

    • Thanks so much – glad to hear you like it! I know I love reading about how chocolate is a super food, I now make sure I eat it every day:) Being healthy is definitely not a hardship!

  2. I love raw cocoa and definitely try to use it as much as possible.

    • I know it’s a great excuse to eat chocolate!

  3. Conveniently, I’ve just finished my Green & Blacks cocoa so I’m ready to stock up! I love the taste of G&B’s, but I think I might give the raw stuff a shot – I’m holding you responsible if it isn’t as yummy! 😉

    • Ohh I have not tried G&B – but cacao is pretty addictive and I feel utterly justified in having chocolate smoothie for breakfast:)


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