Why I use a ‘Slow Juicer’ & ‘Blood’ Halloween Juice Recipe

Oct 31, 2014 | Drinks

Today I am sharing with you one of my favourite new kitchen appliances and hopefully answering your questions when it comes to ‘what juicer should I use’. People often ask me what juicer I use or recommend so I thought I would show you:) AND because its Halloween I am also sharing with you how to make Blood Halloween Juice – which is frightening good for you:)

If you are wanting to increase the amount of vegetables in you diet, want to shifts some weight or heal your body then a quality juicer is a great buy. Juice is just a great way of flooding the body with goodness and along with a healthy diet is a great way to improve your health (Find out more here). The juicer I use is the Optimum 600 Slow Juicer by Froothie – (get yours here) who are a great wee company just launching in UK. They also sell high power blenders too which I am excited to get my hands on, move over Vitamix…

So if you thinking of investing in you and your families health (my nephews love making juice) then this would be my choice because I like the quality and quietness, but there are loads of models out there so read up and pick what is right for you. So anyway take a seat and have a watch and see if I can entice you into the world of juice!

Blood Juice Recipe
Serves 1-2

4 carrots

1/2 lemon peeled

medium size beetroot

large handful of kale

Juice and then serve on ice

Here is some more info about it if your interested.


Do do you fresh juice? Already a fan or juice skeptic? 

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