5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Jan 19, 2016 | Nutrition, Spirit & Soul, Weight Loss



This weekend I ran a workshop at a yoga studio and was talking all things Super Naturally Healthy. Then at the end of it someone comes up to me to share about their struggle to lose weight and I realised something. I have this conversation a lot. A heck of a lot – so today we are going to look at why on earth your not losing weight.

But before I share with you the 5 reasons lets first look at the main reason, the big secret, of why you not losing weight.  The thing that underpins everything. It is one of the big eye openers for those in my Flourish eCourse and Community and with any one of one2one clients.


Because it all comes down to disconnection.


Here is what I mean.

You have a desire that runs deep about losing weight, about being confident, about fitting into old clothes or being a size whatever. These desires are true, real and important .

But your behaviour and actions are that of binge eating, not taking time to cook or buy food, sitting on your arse all day, choosing crappy food in the supermarket, always having cake with your coffee etc etc. 

This all points to you have one massive disconnect between your desire and dreams and your behaviour and actions. Or said in another way your desires are not aligned with your actions and that is why you are not losing weight.

So to lose that stone, or in fact to bring about any change in habit and health, you need to address this disconnection, look at why it exists. When you do that you bring about massive change that actually lasts.

This is something I go through of more and more in my Flourish eCourse as it is TOTALLY different message to everything else out there that revolves just around diet and exercise. Sure those things are important but they are just an aspect of bringing transformation. To see big results you have got to start at the root.
So bearing all that in mind let looks at why there could be a disconnect between your desire to lose weight and that fact your not actually doing so:


1. Your body feels in danger.

When your body is out of balance or feels under threat is will not want to shed fat. Especially in women as for most of us our bodies are expecting to get pregnant at any given moment and extra fat is always needed for that. But if you add into the mix some other health issues like unbalanced hormones, IBS, low immune system, chronic fatigue or medications then your body can feel under threat and it take its priority off of burning fat and onto survival mode – AKA fat storing mode.

This is a phrase I say time and time again in Flourish but:


A healed body = a slim body.


You will lose weight when you focus on healing your any digestive issues,  fatigue, IBS or your toxic relationship with food you may have. Our bodies are connected we can’t try to change one things and ignore everything else going on in our bodies.

2. You are stressed out your nut.

Stress has an immediate impact on your physical body as well as your emotions. I repeat stress has an immediate impact on your physical body as well as your emotions. 

When we are stressed we produce less stomach acid hindering digestion, we mess up our hormones, we drain our adrenals, we compromise our immune system – I could go on and on. But if we have learned to live under a constant state of busyness and stress and a ‘must move faster‘ attitude then chances are (depending on your body type*) you won’t want to shed fat because again you body thinks your under threat all the time.

*some people’s response to stress is rapid weight loss but I am assuming thats not you if your reading this!

food-salad-restaurant-person SMALL copy

The food you eat is always you choice! 


3. Your think your fat and ugly and  a bit crap

What you meditate on and believe becomes your reality. Think your a fat ugly so and so with no self control around food? Then guess how you will behave – like a fat ugly so and so with no self control around food. Your beliefs drive your behaviour so if you behaviours around food  are negative then it could be that your beliefs about yourself are negative and toxic.

And in case you didn’t get the memo – you are hot stuff, precious, beautiful, so worth loving and created to do great, beautiful and wild things!



4. Your addicted to sugar.

Maybe its in the form of Hairbo or maybe its in the form of fruit and medjool dates or even bread!!? An addiction and  unhealthy reliance of sugar in any form is not good for losing weight.

Now of course fruit is good for you and I am a big fan of medjool dates for shizzle but if you are finding that you need sweet stuff 3+ a day then there could be an unhealthy dependence on the sweet stuff which mean unhappy blood sugar and a propensity to store fat around your belly. NICE.

Now I mainly think we need to focus on getting rid of refined sugar as some natural sugars like fruit and natural sweeteners can be good for you but the fact is you can still be addicted to them if your not careful. Trust me I know!

One of lady who did my program said this after ditching the refined sugar :

As of today I’ve lost 23lbs (10kgs). I just wanted to thank you, my weight has been steadily rising over the past few years and this is the only thing that’s helped me consistently lose weight in a way that’s sustainable. 

(You can join me for a free workshop on how to ditch the sugar addiction by clicking here!)

5. Deep down you don’t really want it

There is a big different between – I would love to be a stone lighter and I am going to be a stone lighter this time next year.

So often we just feel like we ‘should’ lose weight, in order to be socially acceptable, because our doctor said we should or we just want to fit into some arbitrary number. For many of us it can just become a habit and a story we tell ourselves and it forget why or if we even want it.

Do you really want to be a size 12? Because if you really do then you are going to be willing to sacrifice something – time, money, daily slices of carrot cake to make it happen. For when you say yes to something you are also automatically saying no to something else – so are you willing to do that?

Fo me I have had in my head for so long that I wanted to be 10 stone until recently when I thought about why. Turns out I just liked the idea of a round even number and ultimately I don’t want it badly enough to do anything about losing that last few pounds and that is OK.

Give yourself permission to be a size 16 not a size 10 or whatever but don’t keep on trying to do something if deep down you don’t want it enough to take any action beaches you will just waste time and energy beating yourself up about something you don’t really 


Hope this helps!

And if your struggling to bring about change and transformation to your diet, body and health but not getting results then my Flourish eCourse and Community could be the perfect place for you – just click here to find out more!

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