5 Ways to Detox That Have Nothing to Do With Food!

Apr 7, 2016 | Healing & Herbs, Life, Nutrition



There is something about spring, finishing off all those Easter eggs (I know you did!!) and realising ‘OMG I will soon be saying goodbye to cosy jumpers and hello to slinky shorts’ (or for those of use in Scotland – goodbye to the sexy thermals), that makes us want to detox and have a body spring clean!


You know I love a good healthy, beautiful and tasty detox and many of my Flourishee’s are detox converts as I coach peeps through a healing 5-day detox in my Flourish eCourse, BUT detoxification does not just have to be about what you eat.


No siree.


There are so many ways that you can support your body and help it detoxify without drinking only water, cayenne, lemon and maple syrup (Beyonce style – which I don’t recommend). We need to quit thinking in such a one-dimensional manner when it comes to our health – health is about your WHOLE self and it is never JUST about food.


Today we are going to look at some ways you could detox without changing a thing you eat but if you are looking for a gentle but massively effective way to support detoxification from the inside out then get you beautiful butt signed up for my Green Smoothie Challenge – 10 days + 1 smoothie a day = massive results.


So here are some beautiful ways that you can support your bodies detoxification every single day with ease and grace…you know, Katherine Hepburn style 😉



5 Ways to Detox That Have Nothing to Do With Food!


1. Take tbsp of some Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (RACV) in a pint of water 1-2 times a day.

Raw Apple Cider Vinegar is a simple thing to slip into your day that is known to help with digestion due to its acidity. One study  shows that it can even help increase insulin sensitivity which in turn helps reduce those peaks of blood sugar that can lead to weight gain and low energy. Win!


2. Body brush each morning.

This is one I am new too but I am loving it so far. 

You basically get a body brush and upon waking give your skin a good brush in the direction of your heart. The possible benefits of this are that it helps stimulate your lymphatic system which is responsible for eliminating cellular waste products. It is also said to help circulation and according to one skin expert  could even help with digestion and let’s not forget  that it can help get rid of any unwanted cellulite …

Body brush anyone?? (This is the one I use)




3. Bounce.

My mini trampoline was one of my best ever investments. Every day I bounce for 15 minutes and it makes the world of difference.

Studies show that an increase in g-force, which is what happens when you bounce, is very beneficial for again the lymphatic system. Whilst this study, which was done to see how bouncing could help astronauts regain muscle when in a weightless environment, shows that bouncing benefits the body on a cellular level.

Plus apart from all this science, it is also super fun to do. I mean it is completely impossible to bounce and stay grumpy…

(You can grab yours hereI recommend getting a pricier one as I bought cheap ones that just broke after a few months!)


4. Swish oil around in your mouth for ages (aka oil pulling)

Oil pulling is another simple way to detoxify. Although there is little research into its benefits as it is an old  traditional Ayurvedic method many people, including myself, feel the benefit of.

All you do it take about 1 tbsp of coconut or sesame or olive oil and swish it around in your mouth for about 20 minutes before eating anything. I also will do this in the afternoon too if I am too hungry in the morning  but its makes the perfect shower activity or excuse not to speak in the morning! (Read more about it here)


5. Drink dandelion tea/coffee

Coffee and I are NOT friends. I get the jitters, stomach cramps and feel a bit rubbish on too much of it but thankfully dandelion coffee is here to the rescue. Not only as a tasty caffeine free beverage but also as a way to support the liver in it own detoxification process as let face it you body is detoxing 24/7 so we just need to support and nourish that.

Either just soak in hot water and drink plain or blend with some stevia and coconut oil or organic butter and your in for one dandelion detox latte – yum!

So if you feel in need for a spring clean but overwhelmed by the idea of overhauling your diet then just implement a few of these steps and your hot and precious body with thank you!


Are you a fan of detoxes? Ever been on one? Let me know in comment below;)


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