The Solution To Your {Naugthy} Food Cravings…

Apr 21, 2016 | Healing & Herbs, Recipes

So if you have been wondering how on earth to satisfy that ‘sweet treat’ craving without going totally off the rails, or know that you want to ditch the sugar and gluten but have no idea where to begin?


Maybe, like me, you have spent YEARS beating yourself up for cravings ‘naughty’ foods and beating yourself up for being a chocolate fiend.


Well, I have a solution for you… and you may just pee yourself with excitement…..or maybe that is just me!?


I am super duper excited to announce that ‘The Sweet Treat Collection’ eBook is now live and waiting for a good home (hint hint – your home!)



I have been working on this for months (read I have been munching on these  recipes for months) after several of the contained recipes went viral online (turns our EVERYONE loves Peanut Butter Fudge!)


Thousands upon thousands of people have loved, liked and used those recipes so I took the hint and decided to make an entire eBook FULL of sweet treats, that are, of course, gluten, sugar, mostly grain and dairy free BUT taste fabulous.


Annnnnnnddddd want to know the next best thing? 


They are 100% FAFF FREE too. 

(Caught ya – did you think I said fat-free? As if!!?? You know I love me some FAT)


I have split the book into 3 sections based on the recipes being made in 20 minutes and under, 30 minutes and under and over 30 minutes. And a lot of them are no bake so even the most ‘baking challenged ‘ of you can create something healthy, natural and tasty that is actually going to do your body some good!


Some of the most popular recipes on the blog are included  as well as brand new ones you won’t find anywhere else. Here are some of recipes you can get:


  • Gummy Sweet  x 3 Ways
  • Salted Caramel Brownies
  • Peppermint Chocolate Cups
  • Hazelnut Truffles
  • Banan & Peanut Butter Cookies
  • Banoffee Slice
  • Millionaire shortbread
  • Cinnamon fudge
  • THREE cookie recipe
  • and so much more…..


And of course they are all 100% gluten and refined sugar-free, mostly grain free, paleo friendly, dairy free, and even suitable for those of you who are one GAPS/SCD and other healing protocols. All without compromising on taste because you know me – I like my food especially my sweet treats!


So right now you can get all the 25+ recipes and begin to take that first powerful step to ditching the refined sugar addiction and still have one naturally sweet life! Because like I say in the eBook :


Get Wise NOT Deprived!


And that is not all!



After the crazy success of my last Beat the Sweet : 21 Day Sugar Challenge is BACK!


It’s for those of you who are serious about ditching the sugar addiction but want to do it in a kind and loving sort of way and ready to really see some radical changes in your energy, health and body.

Here is what CarolAnn who did it last time said :




And as it ties in so beautifully with the Sweet Treat eBook then you can get the eBook FREE when you sign up to the 21 Day Sugar Challenge!


You have THREE options:

  1. Head over and buy The Sweet Treat Collection which currently has over a 1/3 off making it JUST £6! Click here to buy and get making. 
  2. Get The Sweet Treat Collection for FREE when you sign up here to the Beat the Sweet: 21 Day Sugar Challenge – kicking off on May 9th and scroll below to see what people said who did it last time…
  3. Not sure or don’t want to spend your pennies? Join me for my how to  ditch the sugar addiction workshop happening next week on 28th April – it’s free and these workshops are always popular and full of resources to help you thrive! Click here to save your space.



Honestly, whether you buy any of these tasty things or not, I know that one fo the BEST things you can do for your health, energy, fertility, skin, digestion, mood and wellbeing is to reduce or remove refined sugar from you diet. And it’s easier than you think it just requires taking one small step.


So whatever you do take a step – not matter how big or small, so you can walk in crazy, divine and glorious health!


How much sugar do you eat? Whats you favourite natural sweetener?

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