How to Ditch Candida & Thrush Naturally – Your 4 Step Plan!

Apr 26, 2016 | Healing & Herbs



This is part two of a mini-series so make sure you check our part one where we looked at looked at the myth around Candida 


But today we are going to look at how the heck you get rid of the annoying and problematic thing that is Candida (often expressed in women as thrush/yeast infections – but also as athletes foot and other skin issues)



(Please note that every body is different and these are general points that could help but work with someone to help create a specific plan for YOUR body and situation)


myths around candida or thrush


How to Naturally Treat Candida?

Well I think you have to look at four different things:

  1.  root causes
  2. cleanse
  3. diet
  4. supplementation 


All of these things are part of saying au revior to those unlady like itches down below so lets dive in…


1. Root cause

You need to look at WHY do you have candida in first place.


Is it due to long-term use of antibiotics or contraceptive pill? Is it due to stress, health treatment like chemotherapy or something else?


This isn’t to lay blame or anything like that but to help you be strategic in how you tackle it. For example, if you just take a bunch of general supplements and change your diet but never address the root causes that your hormones are out of balance then you will struggle to get results.


What could the root cause be (taken from previous post):

  • Medication ā€“ the contraceptive pill (the pill is in no way harmless so make your wisely and be informed), antibiotics, oral corticoids, other long-term medication
  • Stress ā€“ long term stress has a physical impact on your body and can lead to an imbalance of your gut microbiome over time.
  • Diet ā€“ a diet of sugar and carbs is the perfect breeding ground of candida overgrowth
  • Weaken immune system ā€“ whether through stress, medication or other health issues a low immune system means low defenses and HELLO candida.
  • Compromised gut microbiome – if you gut is inflamed and unhappy then you will really struggle to have healthy skin microbiome 


2. Cleanse

When it comes to Candida I have found it to be really helpful to have a period of intentional and focused cleansing of the body. 


Typically I would recommend anywhere between 5-28 days depending on the person and situation, but  to spend that time resting and eating cleanly. Eating lots of broth,  organic protein and vegetables and removing gluten and all sugar (even fruit) for a period of time is very beneficial for most people.


(I walk people through a Flourish eCourse 5 day detox in my Flourish eCourse – the perfect foundation for healing and health).




3. Diet

Linked with the above you, want to make some serious changes to you diet to help support your immune system, nourishing your gut and boot candida back to where it belongs.


In general, I recommend going gluten and sugar-free and removing any processed junk that is potentially in your diet. Honestly, these dietary principles are the foundations to lasting health in my and many others opinions. 


Sugar tends to be the biggest issue but it’s not just all about sugar there can be other factors at work too. Also, you want to add in fermented foods (many people don’t recommend  any form of fermentation but I naturally fermented food I think can be incredibly beneficial) so things like kombocha, or sauerkraut or kefir are my favourites.


Also, as you ditch the processed junk out there you will naturally be removing added yeast (as it used in most artificial or ‘not so’ natural flavouring) but it worth saying that alcohol is full of yeast and sugar so ditching alcohol is a massive help .


And of course green veggies are always essential for good health so make sure you get a green smoothie into your day šŸ˜‰


4. Supplements

Firstly just taking supplements without implementing any of the above will do very little. You need to implement the above before doing any of the following.

But I have separated these supplements recommended into the different areas they support – so this is not about taking all of them (not at all) but about taking the ones that suit you and why it’s helpful to work with someone on this as it not something to go gun ho on.



Detoxification & Liver support


Shifting Candida itself

  • Pau d’arco tea 
  • Fresh raw garlic every day – crushed and chopped small into pill size
  • Oregano oil – you can dilute this with olive oil and apply to soles of feet or you can sue internally but you must use it with caution and only over a small period of time.
  • Candida Gone supplement – I have recommended this to clients before
    Other herbs like golden seal, black walnut, berberine – but be careful some herbs can be very potent.



  • Chaste Berry – this is a slow burner but can be very effective.
  • Natural Progesterone support – I use young living progesterone right now but also like this one – but be careful only use if you know low progesterone is the case.



  • Coconut oil applied as needed with probiotic mixed in or a drop of essential oils mixed in like clove, oregano, cinnamon and tea tree 


So there you have it! As with lots of things in health is really comes down to a holistic approach. I didn’t mention stress but that is also a big factor and many other things can play a role.


And if this makes you feel overwhelmed then just go one step at a time and I think the MOST effective thing you can do to help with ditching candida is removing sugar from your diet. It’s not an easy thing to do but will impact your health in many glorious ways.




And if you want my help to do that then I am kicking my Beat the Sweet: 21 Day Sugar Challenge on the 9th May and this is where I will coach you through my 3 step system that will help you ditch the sugar for good.

Click here to find out about ditching the sugar addiction!

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